Mobocracy: A rising Challenge For Our Democracy

In the recent times, I feel that some of us have lost faith in our judiciary and policing bodies and so have started punishing people on their own but in a different way. Judiciary will verify the crime and then punish but never did these people bother to verify and they believe that death penalty is the most suitable punishment.

If not anything, 2018 made me very familiar with a term and the term is lynching. I don’t think I need a whole paragraph to explain it. Though it will help me in increasing the word length but let’s just skip this. If you really do not know about this, flip over any nation daily and you’ll get to know about it with examples.

In recent cases in Bidar, Karnataka and Alwar, Rajasthan innocents lost their lives. In Bidar, men were giving chocolates to children when the villagers thought that they were the child abductors and killed one man while the two escaped. However, in Alwar villagers attacked two men when they were carrying a cow during the night hours and the villagers thought that they were cow smugglers. These are just couple of examples. According to a report of India Today published on July 2, in the last two months 16 cases of lynching have been reported in which 22 people are killed.

Who gave these people the right to violently attack somebody? What does it depict of us? There are a number of questions that rises with the rise in such cases.

Are we getting intolerant?

Indian civilization is one of the oldest civilization of the world and we have a history of being tolerant towards everyone even towards the foreign evaders who eventually became the part of our society. However, looking at the present scenario, it is difficult to think of a society which is tolerant and is absorbent of every kind of shade. With the increase in number of lynching cases let’s ask a question to ourselves: What does this depict? Are we growing intolerant? People of Bidar or say even on Alwar did not bother to ask the victims or talk to them once; rather they attacked without any verification. The thought process is skipped and so the people’s acts are catastrophic. They could have caught these people and handed over to the police who should further verify but they decided to attack them violently on the very spot. This shows growing intolerance among people.

Apex Court Speaks

The recent cases of mob lynching are not only heart shattering but also raising questions on the democratic setup that exists in our country. The apex court also said that such increase in lynching cases depicts how intolerant we are becoming. Therefore, the Supreme Court asked the parliament to make lynching a separate offence. One can argue that this seems a big failure of government to safeguard people. In this regard, the apex court also said that government’s first duty is to protect its people irrespective of caste, color, religion or creed.

Who is responsible?

It’s easy to pass the blame to the other person or in this case to the government but well let’s just face that for everything just the government cannot be blamed and the citizens of this country also have the duty to abide the laws. There are religious and certain extremist groups who work by influencing the people in our society. One can argue that it is these influential teachings that are taken way too seriously and are resulting in violence among people. At the same time, one can also argue if all of this is another negative aspect of social media since it was because of a WhatsApp message that villagers of Bidar took the man as a child abductor and killed him. The debate regarding the spread of fake messages on social networking is a hot topic now. Through these social networking a lie is spread thousand times until it becomes a truth.

It’s high time that we realize that innocents are losing their lives in such cases. Just on the basis of assumption violent steps must not be taken and any punishment must come from the judiciary and not the citizens.

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