Modi’s cloud cover theory proved India’s scientific minds are under “clouds” of danger

The prime minister, a few days back, suggested that radars don’t detect anything under cloud cover. Is India’s scientific mind being clouded by such raw “vision”? A fear that has been raised previously too, after he seemed to propagate mythological facts as scientific knowledge.

Air Marshal A K Ahluwalia (retd.) categorically said Modi’s assertion that the air strike carries on despite clouds due to his raw vision that “clouds can cover Pakistani radars” was a tactically wrong decision. According to him, “Weather plays a prominent role in strike planning. If the latest weather systems and technology we are using today advise us to avoid an attack, then it should be avoided. We have a lot of state-of-the-art facilities to give us an accurate description of weather conditions”.

Now just to clarify beforehand, I am not questioning the PM, the need to strike back after Pulwama or the outcome of the Balakot air strikes. Like every Indian, we are proud of our air force to deliver the message across the border. Air Marshal Ahluwalia (retd.) has been quoted here to point out how advice based on latest technologies and state-of-the-art facilities was ignored by the PM despite acknowledging the fact that “he does not have much knowledge of such Science and technology”. Had the reason being only the secrecy of the operations it would have made enough sense but according to our PM, he ignored “expert’s advice based on scientific evidence” due to his raw “vision”. Seriously, raw vision over the latest technologies?

It reminds me if a scene from Swades movie where SRK’s NASA work on weather monitoring through satellites is been ridiculed by villagers as a task similar to one done by a local guy who looks at the sky and “predicts” whether it will rain in coming days or not. Superhuman powers probably! Jokes apart, it poses a danger of setting the wrong precedence of ruling leader ridiculing Scientific advice on 6th sense. It will make the road to make policy-making in India evidence-based bumpier.

Source : IBN Live

Modi Ji has once ignored RBI governor’s advice on demonetization which resulted in an absolute disaster as far as India’s GDP is concerned. So he is not new to ignoring the expert’s advice. But here the issue was of national importance. He should have kept his political acumen or raw wisdom,  whatever the people are calling it, aside and heard of Defence experts. Reminds me of another movie. Albeit a funny one this time. The Dictator. The Dictator Aladeen asks his nuclear scientists to make missile round headed despite nuclear experts advising him to have a pointy head due to aerodynamics. Well, we all know how the “raw wisdom” of the Dictator translated? See, how dangerous it could get if rely on your raw wisdom over scientific advice obtained through the latest equipment and state-of-the-art facilities Mr. Modi Ji? You proved lucky and our air fighters luckier in this case, but please do not make it a habit. A humble scientist of India who loves eating mangoes like you too! Please listen to us for the sake of love for mangoes. Jai Hind.

It is important to note that this is the first time BJP twitter handles deleted tweets which they knew are getting a lot of backlash.


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