Monsoon Holidaying: 3 Best Places To Go This Monsoon

Why are summers and winters so overrated for going on a vacation? Why not monsoon? You heard it right. Many people around the world have started preferring the monsoon season to visit places! Because come on, you won’t find the perks of monsoon in any other season!

But the muddy waters and the damp clothes really don’t set the right mood for a vacation. Isn’t it? But if you hear about the places I am going to tell you about, you will surely have an urge to book your tickets and pack your bags right away!



Goa is too hot to visit in summers so monsoon is the perfect respite to visit this amazing place. And you know what makes this place so special in monsoon? The deserted beaches, waterfalls in their full agony, lush green roads and discounted hotels!

One good reason: Travel is Cheap!

The flight tickets compared to the peak season are half the price. The lucky people living down south are only a bus ride away from experiencing the pristine greens of goa in the rainy season.

The travel is cheap but the accommodation is cheaper in the month of July. You can easily get world class hotels at 50% discounted prices. If you are looking for hotels next to the beach, getting a room at INR 500 is quite easy in this season. The infamous Water sports whose prices skyrocket during peak season are also available at quite reasonable prices.  Also, you can easily get a scooter for rent at INR 175.

The inevitable problem of goa can be solved! The otherwise crowded noisy beaches can be found very peaceful and mesmerizing during this season due to the minimal crowd. The very mighty Dudhsagar falls is in its best form and witnessing it in this form is a must.




They say that the most wonderful time of the year to visit this breathtaking place is monsoon. Tourists only visit this hill town in the months when they can’t experience the misty clouds and cool weather that gives it a heaven like look.

If one walks down the road at a height, they are very likely to get hit by a cloud! How unimaginable is that!

“Baarish and pakodas” always go together, but visitors also prefer roadside roasted “bhutta” or pop corn and delicious hot jalebis. “Chai”or tea shops are overcrowded- pakoda and, no chai? How is that possible!

The grey clouds all over the lush green surroundings make up for a prefect picturesque background. The photographers in the shops at jhoolaghar happily oblige people who want to get pictures clicked wearing traditional Garhwali and Kumauni attire. There is something about Mussoorie which gives it an edge over other Himalayan hill towns. Its might be because of its traditional charm, or the old churches or the scenic trails. Who really knows!




The monsoon season is quite long here making it a perfect place to visit in monsoon.

A couple of days are all it takes to soak in the beauty of this place. Packing a good pair of sneakers is a must because this place lies in an eco zone (no vehicle zone) and nothing worth visiting is close by.

One word to describe Matheran is – GREEN. Its green everywhere. The most exciting thing about this marvelous place is you can walk into a jungle; climb trees, walk into valleys anytime and nobody would stop you from doing so. There are numerous water springs which are full of water and you simply can’t resist jumping into them.

In all, if you plan to visit Matheran, get ready for lots of muddy clothes and a Google map of course.

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