A new beginning towards resolving life

To have love for the self means to finish the weaknesses within

With the dawn of the New Year, the winds of change seem to mutter in the distance, ready to blow your way any second. A fresh start has been granted to you by the mechanics of the “New Year, New You” rule made by arbitrary self for self.
All of us are still not syncing up with the idea that it’s just a few hours until the clock strikes 12 o’clock and BOOMMM, we will leave behind 2017. With the same struggle of keeping up with our new year resolutions for first few weeks, with the same struggle of keeping up with new revised YOU that you’ve promised yourself to be, with the same struggle of hope that you will do your best tomorrow, we will all get used to 2018 sooner or later.
But before making up plans lets go back through your last year and see how far you’ve been. Aren’t we a much-upgraded version, maybe we did more mistakes, maybe there have been no ticks off on your bucket list but we’re sort of bigger, brighter and better.
New Life
Life has its own way of creating opportunities, you fail to realise only because they didn’t enter your wish list. It’s only when you look back, think, realize and start feeling it’s worth. We have to realise that we need to utilize more opportunities and start acting differently when they present themselves instead of dragging on them.
We all want different things, in different amounts. Sometimes we get what we want but not in the same set of pattern, which also disappoints us. From all conflicting opinions to lost souls and everything in-between, do not let the New Year and its expectations terrify you.
Fantasies and realities all begin in the same order: A thought. How it’s going to work is the action you put into them, how you change, how you adapt, inspite knowing there are only some definitive days out of 365 that permit to give you a little thrust in the right direction.
A new year means perfecting the old you, to set new goals to become a better version of sapien. So that you will find the time to savour the better you, that you missed in the whirlpool of world events.

Heroes aren’t made in heaven, they’re made by allowing the inner beauty of their heart to reflect light to a world absolutely starving for it.
New Life
With the sense of an ending and a new beginning do not concentrate on RESOLUTIONS but in the essence of RESOLVING LIFE. Here you go –
  • Look forward to each morning. It’s not always pleasant when the alarm sounds earlier than we actually need to be up, but knowing that we have that extra time to unwind, move on your way to change and create. 
  • Take chances and try stepping out of your comfort zones because we are scared that it might break a pattern, but let things flow and appreciate that inconsistency. Keep looking forward to new people, ideas and adventure.
  • Sometimes we make matters even worse, we often begin seeing that reflection in the way others may look back at us, even in their silence. We start assuming what they may think. It’s a reminder that the words we choose to say to ourselves, impact the way we feel about ourselves. If the goal is always self-improvement, the application of it should always be in a positive direction.
  • Reminding the audience that we all have stories; stop caring too much about them. They’re just scars. They’re not what defines us. What people stare at, doesn’t define us.
  • Every year passes by and we fail to notice the best and the default settings in us. It’s stupid how we have not put ourselves as our priority which is clearly far more important than everybody else in our life. Explore yourself more often because nothing can be better than self-realisation.
  • Commit to quality. We can’t stop love taking everything away from us or we can’t keep our hearts safe. But we can always say NO to things we don’t mean or feel.

  • Always listen to your favourite music when plans don’t work out. A good piece of music is a model of community. Not all beats aim to unite; some make us feel powerless, but that bridges our differences, the fierce soul that gives you a breath’s relief, a second to smile, a chance to see everything before diving back into the rush of life.
  • It’s only in your thriving that you have anything to offer anyone. Therefore, the best investment you can ever make is in your own health.
  • Travel more often or take a long walk. Adapt to different places, people and choices. Stop distributing and dividing yourself in the name of being social. Don’t poison your chances of evolving. It’s like a joyride where you never have any idea where you may end up.

New Life

  • The law of attraction basically says that our dominant thought manifests in our reality. Like if we think, feel and believe that we are not healthy, we are indeed not healthy. The formula is very clear “whatever we think, we become”. If we think negative, we will manifest negative experiences, people and products. It can only change if our thought patterns are tune into a more positive frequency and these experiences will NEVER let us go back to any other frequency.
  • Figure out your true aims. Know that you have no limits to what you can create. Start with small things at first, once you see the power working, then keep going, building and improving.
  • There is no bigger flaw than not setting yourself free and letting yourself to be anything you wish to be, even if it feels next to impossible. Do not restrict yourself, be more expressive, speak out your heart, its beautiful in every spectrum. Life is unpredictable, if you loose it, you are going to loose zillions of things you might achieve.

With all bright eyes and a mind full of expectations for the year to come, let this New Year you construct and work on self and extend that feeling till the end. The mantra shouldn’t be “New Year, New Me” but “New Year, Better Me”. Look back with greater wisdom, forward with naive hope, be in the present with contentment and pleasure.

New LifeWe waste time, year, life not with failure, but with the fear of failure. The universe is an unbelievable space. We are the creators of our own universe and can achieve whatever we want, it is infinite, it has no boundaries. Make the world a better place to live in and treat everyone the way we want ourselves to be treated.

So go forth and be the best you, not just with the New Year, but with every day for the rest of your life. Let your inner beauty ignite hearts and reflect light into the world because outer beauty pleases the eye but Inner beauty captivates the HEART.
Everyday is a new beginning. You get only one life. Live Inspired.

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Eleutheromaniac, Bibliophilic, Ambivert, Clinomaniac. Have Medical knowledge. Believe in truth and Serendipity. Painting is my soul food.

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  1. Beautifully written. Mist of the assessment is quite thoughtful. But my disagreement with you is that we the sapiens are already best of us. Its not about making your self better. Its about realizing who we are and be honest with ourselfs and then work with best of the intentions.



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