Open house of Researchers at the University of Delhi

Open house of Researchers at the University of Delhi

An open house of researchers was organized at the University of Delhi on 24th April 2019 by fellow researchers. Students from the faculty of law, science, arts, and politics were present in a considerable number. The students had a healthy discussion about many problems faced by research students of Delhi University.

The Open house started with addressing the slip of Delhi University in the NIRF rankings from 6th in 2018 to 13th in 2019. The scholars were of an opinion that one of the reasons for the fall in rankings is due to the apathetic behavior of DU administration towards research and researchers.

The most common problem was the untimely disbursal of fellowship to the researchers which not only hampers their research but also creates embarrassing situations in their personal life. Some researchers have their families partially dependent on them and the delay in disbursal can sometimes cause annoying conditions for them.

Another very common problem was the behavior of some supervisors. Supervisors in some cases tend to treat their students in an unjust and unfair manner. While this problem was being discussed one of the researchers got a call from the supervisor. Making tea for supervisor, boiling water, booking tickets, regular taunts of having a personal life are some of the common things that almost all the researchers have faced.

Some other problems regularly faced by researchers due to hopeless behavior of DU administration are the termination of subscriptions to prominent research repositories and journals due to non-payment of dues by the University, discontinuation of R&D and travel grants to research scholars by the University administration, gender-based biasedness and mental/physical harassment of research scholars.

The solution that came out was the need for proper research scholars. However, it was surprising to know that Delhi University does not grant voting rights to the research scholars. The scholars believed that due to lack of representation the authorities are not going to take them seriously.

The meeting was a great success and was concluded on a positive note of organizing more research scholars for the next meeting that was scheduled for 6th May 2019.

The concept of an open house is a sagacious one and can be used by students of other universities as well. It can unite the students and it can protect students from any wrongdoings by any authority.


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