An interpretation of “Orbit” by Justin Wetch

A poem titled Orbit by Justin Wetch and its interpretation:


Like two stars in the depths of the sky
This gravity is just irresistible
We spin around each other, you and I
When I fell for you, I fell into your orbit.
Our constellation is a beating heart
Two, beating as though they are one
The galaxies would cry if we were to part
If we ever fell out of orbit
Giving into this gravity is a scary thing
I tried to pull back and to hide
But now I join the song your galaxy sings
I’m falling freely into your orbit

This is a brilliant poem and has excellent use of metaphors. Justin Wetch is able to convey quite a lot in just 3 stanzas.

He talks of an unfinished fairytale, a love story which is still going on. He and his lover are “two stars in the depths of the sky”. The world is a dark and cold place and they are the few specks of light present, providing a sort of relief from the darkness around. It’s common knowledge that stars are invincible and so they will be invincible too.

Stars also have a lot of gravity, which is another thing the poet mentions. He says the gravity is irresistible and that they spin around each other. The gravity is the attraction they have, and the fact that they’re meant to be. They are spinning around each other only means that they are nearby, but not together, and they will soon enough, as the gravity is irresistible.

Everything up until now is a prerequisite, their story hasn’t started yet. The next line is when it becomes clear, that it is certainly love. He fell into her orbit. The orbit here is the personal space of a person. The line they draw. The space where only special ones can enter. He says when he fell for her, he fell into her orbit. He has confidence that she loves him, he completely trusts her. She might not express it always, because her past is such, she’s been built differently, she might be shy, she doesn’t trust easily, but he knows.

Their constellation is called a beating heart. Their relationship is called a constellation. He says the galaxies would cry if they were to part. The galaxies are the other stars which are there. The other good people of the world. The people which genuinely matter. He believes in them wholeheartedly, believes they will last, but it saddens him that there are 1.2 million things which can go wrong with a relationship and he doesn’t want that to happen to him, ever.

He has fallen in love with more than he could ever need.

A deep soul and a face he couldn’t leave; he fell in love with every piece of her. He fears he might not be enough for her, he fears quite a lot, even though he might appear fearless, here, he shows his raw self.

The poet then talks about how giving into the gravity is a scary thing and, that diving in and starting the relationship is a scary thing. That how he tried to pull back and to hide, tried to delay it by a week or even a month. He was afraid. Then, he decided to take a leap of faith. An opportunity presented itself, she confessed she liked him, and he told her how he reciprocated it. He joined the song her galaxy sang and will sing along always. For he believes, that love starts as a feeling, but to continue is a choice. And he chooses her more and more every day. Two flowers, which begin from separate roots but entangle and grow as one, for they are stronger together.

He ends the poem with how they’ve fallen in love and each day, he grows closer to her. He knows she deserves the world, for she has love and laughter to give.

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