Founder & CEO

Sargam Palod 
Compassionate, perseverant and adventurous.
I revel in reading, travelling, Irish coffee and learning something new. 



 Harshpreet Ahuja Payal Mulani  Anupriya Seksaria 
 Divergent. Dreamer. Melomaniac.
Medical knowledge and binge
listening is my thing.
 Passionate, amiable, considerate. I’m a composed writer and equally avid reader. Dreamer, ambivert, ardent,
a food connoisseur.  Adventure rides allure me. I Believe in 
 Mriganka Ojha  Vishal Koul  Shrinkhla
 A patient listener, in the continuous quest of exploring myself and everything around. A Caffeine-dependent life-form, professional procrastinator and
a total introvert. 
Ambitious, diligent, rational and extrovert. Writing is my
favourite pass-time. 
Deeaanj Hinduja  Shivank Awasthi Aditya Vyas
An avid reader, passionate writer, dancer, learner. “Ancora imparo” “Yet, I am learning.”   Enthusiastic, Tech Savvy, Nationalist and Passionate. I love coding. Passionate about the matters of political affairs. Neither a radical nor a liberal. An ardent reader trying to give words to his thoughts.
Medha Reddy   Ananya Bal  Nazneen Yasmeen
Former celestial body. Recent cheeky addition to the human race. Loves to run occasional love affairs with words. Brings you a vibrant and earthy perspective of a zealous millennial who’s been there, done that.  Eleutheromaniac, Ambivert, Clinomaniac. Have Medical knowledge. Believe in truth and Serendipity. Painting is my soul food.
 Karan Magnani  Anil Vinayak  Apoorv Arora
 A to be engineer by profession and writer by passion. Reading, writing are some of my most favourite hobbies.  A voracious reader, small-time poet, aspiring writer, blogger and a reluctant student of engineering. Like to revel in the nuances of novelty.  Intuitive, spontaneous, quick-witted, assimilative.
A bigtime technophile.


Graphic Designers

 Neeraj Salvi  Ananthu Dinu
 I am fluent in procrastination but when it comes to art everything comes to life. Cinephile. Freethinker. Cuber. Hooman. Barely legal. Gonna be dentist, wannabe artist

Stalwart Contributors

Dipanshu Saxena

Khushi Naik

Prayag Bansal

Technical Assistance



Technical Assistance

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