Poem: CCD Wall’s #tenyearchallenge

Hey! How are you?

I am the wall of CCD!!!

I am fine!

And see #10yearchallenge on hike.

Do you want to see

pen portrait of mine?

Over a decade,

My menu and interior evolved.

Clocks, seatings and hues,

All changed pink, purple and blues.

People come and go,

Coffee is served to and fro.

Laughter, smiles and cries,

I’ve heard all my life.

For me, ten year challenge,

Is no excitement,

As nothing changed,

I witness again and again,

Sobs of broken women,

Rage of rejected man,

Clever business meets,

Talks, whispers and argument in heat.

Ten years hence,

I saw a girl and a boy,

Met over a coffee.

Over a coffee, again and again,

With stronger bond each time,

Love sparked, attained height,

Height of madness,

But then It smashed!!!!!!!

No more feelings,

No more love,

Sobs came in,

Came in cries.

Ten years later

Today, that boy and a girl,


Hundred boys and hundred girls!!!

Author Profile

Iqra Adeel
Pursuing Economics Hons from JMI, New Delhi. Passionate orator and writer who believes in the power of thoughts and words. Exploring and pen portraiting her voice within.

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