Poem: My Misery

I haven’t slept from an year,

or haven’t had my meal.  

Laughter does not exist,

and smile is as fake as people around me.

Conversations are lost,

just like me.

I am not even able to talk

or step out

I am tired of this misery.

I am locked in these walls,

plain white walls

with black intentions.

It’s been an year

and I haven’t stepped out,

It suffocates me.

It adds to the misery

And here I am drowned.

I don’t know what is wrong,

and what is the cause!

Eyelid pains,

weight loss,

speech blurred,

Why am I getting lost.

I am just tired,

tired of you all,

I hate you all

and you all hates me.

And that’s okay!

We are all same.

Double faced creatures,

Demons inside an angel.

We judge,

We crush.

We pretend,

We play,

We confuse,

We slay.

We are mean

and We demean.

Our love is an illusion,

It’s only cunning and hatred existing.  

Hearts does not exist,

minds and hands blood stained.

Blood of those who killed themselves.

That’s not a suicide

but a murder.

Slit wrists,

Choked throats,

Imprisoned mind

and a failed heart.

This is not a suicide

but a murder.

It worries me,

What if it gulps me?

I am tired,

I am getting lost.

Help me

or I’ll be gone.

This room is not merely a room,

But a prison for me,

It has curbed me,

trapped me.

These walls are not merely walls,

but boundaries,


which disconnect the outer world from me.

I am tired,

I am lost.

Help me

or I’ll be gone.

How long will this continue?

What more will it cost?

I have nothing left,

Just few breaths.

Take them away

For they are of not use.

It’s only the body,

Soul is long dead.

I want to sleep,

I wish to eat,

I need to talk

and repeat.

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Chirag Sehgal
Passionate about putting forth views. Believe in words being powerful and everlasting tools. Aspiring to become a journalist.

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