Poem: SHE

In a morn as sweet as tulips bloom,

She entered the crowd in a cacophony of gloom;

Sun as salient with Apollo’s might,

She walked that road in brazen plight;

And thus began her tale of redemption.

An exiled voyage destined for deadlock,

She plied her way unaware of the common flock;

With grit worth goodness and geniality shunning contempt,

She emerged clad in a cloak nay to tempt;

And so did time change life to legend.

In a path littered with broken dreams

and Burdened souls,

She sought to walk barefoot and bold.

Author Profile

Anil Vinayak
A voracious reader, poet, aspiring writer, phone photographer and student of engineering. Author of the poetry collection "Shadows and Silhouettes". Social Media handle: VIN's Scribbles

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