Poem: Yes, I bleed

Yes, I bleed.
And I bleed
Every month.
I do wake up
At times with
Blood on my panties.
I do go to sleep
At nights with
My stomach twinging.

I do see the
Chemist shocked when
It’s me who
Asks for the pad
And I refuse to write it
On a secret piece of paper.

I do see my
Neighbors cringe when
I refuse to hide
The packet of pads
In a black polythene
For I’m not afraid.

For when my mother
Taught me about menstruation
When I had my first period
And had no idea
She told me not to listen
To anyone who stopped me
From doing anything that
I wanted to, during those five days.
She said, “Temples are yours to visit,
White pants, yours to wear
And all these miles,
Yours to run.”

For when my father
Went to buy pads for me
When I had my period at 3 A.M
He chose, the right kind,with wings.
And that’s what gave Me wings to fly.
He said, ” Don’t you be afraid
You’re strong, it means you’re
A big girl now. “

And I’m not afraid.
Not afraid to leave a stain.
Not afraid to bleed.
Yes, I bleed.
And I bleed every month.

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Prachi Behrani
Prachi has had a love for writing ever since she was a child. Published two books, Somewhere in my Heart and The Unsaid, both of poetry.
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