Political motive or just good business?

Political motive or just good business?

India is looking forward to the general elections in 2019, which will be the state’s 17th Lok Sabha election. These elections are to elect 543 members into the Lok Sabha. On the other hand, 2019 started with movies like URI, The Accidental Prime Minister. The release of movies on such themes just before the general elections when everyone is sitting with seat belts tighten as to who will win? Is it a political agenda or just a coincidence? Why movies touching such controversial political topics are releasing just a few months before the election? 

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Political movies like Uri and The Accidental Prime Minister which released on January 11, just a few months before the 2019 general election. “The timing of a film is decided by the producers keeping its commercial status in mind. The release date of Uri was decided long back. There are so many people who have worked on this film. A producer has to safeguard their interests. It cannot be that somebody is doing a favour on somebody – it has to be a much more informed decision. This January 11 date worked for us because 15th is also Army Day, and then 26th is Republic Day, so the country is already in that mood.” says Uri director Aditya Dhar on why the film released before the general elections and not surprisingly, actor-turned-BJP MP Paresh Rawal plays the sutradhar in the Uri teaser saying out the dialogues,” Yeh naya Hindustan hai, ye ghar me ghusega bhi marega bhi”.

On the release of The Accidental Prime Minister, the Congress termed the film “propaganda” ahead of the general elections as the movie shows Congress in a bad light, ahead of the Lok Sabha elections of 2019. The Accidental Prime Minister claims that Congress’s previous president Sonia Gandhi was interfering in Singh’s responsibilities as the prime minister and managed the function of the Prime Minister’s Office. Anupam Kher dismissed allegations of supporting any political party in the movie. While talking to IANS in an interview he says, “We have made this film with a lot of sincerity and we don’t have any political agenda behind the release of the film”. Anupam Kher, whose wife Kirron Kher is a BJP lawmaker, calls the film a game-changer in political biopics. During the trailer launch, He was asked if the BJP, which lost elections recently in three states to the Congress, could use the film in the campaign for the 2019 national election as an advantage, the actor said, “If I would have been in politics, I would have definitely told them to do so. But I am an actor, they will decide.”

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“When patriotic films can be released during Independence Day or Republic Day then why not political films before elections?” says Anupam Kher.

It can be possible that such type of films has nothing to do with the election season. They might be released only for entertainment purpose and may not be driven by some political motive. Prakash Jha, an Indian Film Producer said Bollywood movies like Uri and The Accidental Prime Minister are made only for entertainment purposes and do not have any effect on elections. We make films leaving political propaganda aside.

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