Polls are out – Students don’t support the “No paper Ph.D. recommendation”

According to current UGC regulations, a Ph.D. student is required to publish at least one paper in a peer-reviewed journal before thesis submission.

A four-member committee headed by Prof. P. Balaram has recommended that the mandatory requirement of a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal is not required for awarding the degree,” 

Afflatus conducted a poll on Facebook and asked a very simple question. The question was Do you guys think that a Ph.D. granted without a paper is a fair decision or not? There were two options a. Yes, it is fair and b. No, it is not fair.

We received total number 1063 total responses which are a decent number for an informal poll. The number of responses received for Yes,  it is fair is 352 and the number of responses received for No, it is not fair is 711. So it is clear that the number of people opposing this recommendation is more than the number of people supporting.

The answer to Whether a PhD without a paper should be granted or not.

It will be interesting to know why students are opposing these recommendations. One reason why we see these results is the resentment in the students against the students who might get by easily for not publishing a paper and getting a Ph.D. On the contrary, the people who think it is a fair decision might be indulged in the research of subjects where it is hard to publish a paper.


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