Priyanka Gandhi: Congress’ Trump Card

Indian political scenario is such that one can really expect the unexpected but when? 

What else it could be other than  “THE ELECTION TIME”.

It’s not even been a month since the winter session of parliament concluded and apparently, the nation saw a lot of controversial bills introduced (and some were sanctioned as well) in the parliament which were otherwise pending for years.

The implication here is simply that political parties in India (not anyone in particular but I am talking about every political party and trust me it’s not just a broad generalisation) can go to their limits specially when it comes to general elections. 

Congress lost badly in 2014. The 2019 elections are much awaited. But how does congress win? What should they do? Is Priyanka a good option?

Indian National Congress is set with their trump card Mrs. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra into active politics by making her the general secretary of AICC in charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh. 

Earlier this area lied under Jyotiraditya Scindia’s discretions (Madhya Pradesh).

Though people would say that this entry has been long awaited, I am sure this is just not a coincidence that Mrs. Vadra entered active politics weeks before the general elections. And that too at the place where BJP has got a stronghold and is the place from where prime minister Narendra Modi contested and is believed to do it again and even the cm yogi Adityanath contest elections from that side of the state. 

The happiness of this decision has certainly brought Supporters of Congress party a moment of rejoice. Various leaders have expressed their happiness over this. 

But whatever the thing may be, the question remains why the opposition who criticises the government for being opportunistic and on the other hand repeats the same!

Now in order to throw some light on the elections and the question will this move of effect BJP’s voter count. A lot many people also relate Priyanka to her grandmother, Indira Gandhi and so they look Priyanka as the future leader.

Obviously it is the time when the nation is looking for a new leader, and Congress had done the same by introducing a leader with a good track record and minimum time political controversies.

But for now, Mrs. Vadra is general secretary. It would be interesting to watch her actually contesting the election.

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