Quirks and oddities of meme language and its place in pop culture

Reddit has responded wittily to the supremacy of memes in pop culture and has not shied away to launch their very own Meme Economy- a haven for meme-makers to invest, discuss investment and buy a share in memes.  It is a financial market which functions on fictional currency with a tremendous possibility of making a strong cultural impact. Far cry from being an exaggerated version of people’s growing obsession with memes, Reddit has figured out how people respond to different memes and has created a three-market system, based on the quintessential differences of one meme to the other. As much as it sounds like a Fabletown of a distant fantasy world, it has the seeds sprouting from jargons, memetic language, and the mythical world of memes.

Know the meme recipe

Memes involve a degree of deconstruction of the accepted norms and reasoning coupled with an evolved language, lingos, that might even sound like jargons or grammatically incorrect to others. It draws into conversation contemporary issues, web series, existential crisis our literary ancestors discoursed on, self-referential statements, and more than often referring to itself as a medium for forming and maintaining socially construed relationships based on ambivalent codes and ethics, a subject that memes themselves critique about. Isn’t it interesting?

(Credits: The Atlantic)

Meme jargons are here to stay

Nobody can argue about the nuances of meme languages which consciously or unconsciously has also made its entry into general conversation and our colloquial manner of speaking.  The formation is not static, it is constantly evolving, and every day new words are added to the lexicon of urban intelligentsia. These sentences serve as a dessert to our craving for stumbling upon something thought to provoke, badass, intelligent, yet humorous, while scrolling down through our social media accounts. Memes have become millennials’ favourite, something that would scrupulously cater to our poor attention capacity yet imprinting itself deep into our minds.

(Credits: cheezburger)

People are actually communicating through sharing and tagging others in memes, the context of the memes enough to replace any awkward verbal conversation. Interestingly enough, there is a meme for every subject, every discourse and theory that could help one to take active participation in this world of deconstructed meanings and relationships. Whether popular meme pages on Facebook or that t-shirt from the roadside pavement, memes are here to stay!


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