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Railway Station: The hole of emotions

by Payal Mulani

How much can you explore emotions?
Can you frame this world as a cluster of emotions?
This small description of “hole of emotions” tells us that this world is a place of emotions, more than it is of humans, and humanity is nothing more than emotions.

This day brought me visit to the city’s railway station. The taxi ride gave me morning breeze which added to my excitement to visit the railway station. The building was brick red complementing the vintage windows and gates flashing goodbyes and welcomes from their broken glasses and rusted iron. We took the platform ticket and went in the “hole of emotions”.  It turned out that we were an hour early. We decided to stay back at the platform and wait for the train to arrive. The seats were hard to get so we had to sit on the floor as the other families did. As we sat down I was pushed by a man who was a mess with his own luggage. He said sorry and ran towards the train standing on the platform. He was followed by a woman and two children who said, “Mommy, Mumbai will be great… I am so excited!” I saw the father inside the train from the window on their confirmed seat, arranging their luggage in place as soon as the former passenger from their seat took off. He seemed a traveller. The loose Tee, the travel bag, the guide in hand and wanderlust eyes, all communicated to me as a traveller. He got off the train and went his way. My eyes ran back to the family. The children were fighting for the one window seat they had, and then life happened… and like everywhere, the deal was made. “Half-way you sit and the next half I will.” It goes the same with life.

I found another pair of eyes at another window, of a departing couple. They did not communicate much, but the eyes did. The man outside the window smiled and the woman nodded. Love, like their conversation, is hard to comprehend.

The entrance of the compartment had another woman crying over her son’s departure to another city for his studies. As he bent down to her mother’s feet, she kept her hand on his head and kissed him there. The smile on his face reflected the tears of his heart. One departed with tears other with a smile.

There are two type of strengths in this world. One was portrayed by the coolie carrying the load of the passenger behind him: the physical strength. The passenger was a lady I overheard talking over the phone, “He will be fine, Maa. He needs us right now. We need to be strong to give him the strength to fight this disease. I’ll be there in a few hours. Will see you then.”  I guess she portrayed the other kind of strength: emotional strength.

These moments were all captured inside me. A station is the best place to explore emotions. One platform, many emotions. Every time I visit a station I meet the same emotions with different faces. I meet the same love in different eyes. I meet the same starts reaching different ends.

What I feel here, is immense love for humanity and widespread emotions. This is the way I feel when the earth is full, of no people, but emotions that give it water, air and land.



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