If you are reading this you are one of the two kinds of people: You believe in God, or you don’t. You are reading this, you are sensing it, you will believe in it. You believe that there is a superpower that rules over everything else.

Close your eyes, let this power invade you; let it grow stronger on you. Create a crevice let it light the senses inside you. Believe in his voice. It can open doors for you where there were walls before.

Pray, Wait and Trust GodThe earthly desire to find him in a rock is nothing but a mere scar on the plate. He does not dwell into rocks, but the flowers on the foot of the rock, those fruits, the milk, the meat, the red wine. Don’t just search. You will end up with a rock stone that will only reflect back your own emotions. Soul search. Your search will end within you. You are a part of Him and He is the centre of you.

He is the whole universe settled in your body. There are stars, planets, moons, The Sun, all inside you. There is a lot of energy, the energy that created this universe and has the power to destroy it. Trust this energy, it won’t lie. You can never see Him except in your own eyes. He holds your hands, lifts your face, and makes you face what life has to throw.

Let Him teach you how to walk
Let him be the quest you run for
Let Him be the start, end in Him
He created you.
Now let your zest talk.

He works in mysterious ways. I believe in each of them. I believe Him when I write letters to Him. I believe Him when he answers them. Yes, I get all my answers. There is delay but no disappointment. He shows me the path and makes me open my eyes to the light. I have this feeling that He can read me. He can relate to me and He mends me. Now when I think, everything happened in my life had a meaning and a story behind it.

When He is the author,
I no more fear.
His golden pen writes,
And there is nothing else I can hear.
It’s me who is going to prove to be a best seller
His mask is what I have to wear.
His language is not easy
He never writes Blue.
His settings and characters may not justify
But when He is the author,
I no more fear.
I know the end is nowhere near.
…and there is nothing else I can hear.

I love this magic inside me. This magic tells me to trust it. That my story won’t end. If it isn’t happy, it’s not the end. This is what my God looks like.
This is my relation with my God.

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