Research Exhibition – Open House at IIT Delhi

IIT Delhi organised an Open House on Saturday 20th of April. I also got a chance to visit the open house and I was amazed by the spectrum of research that is going on at IIT Delhi. From the research about Individuality in Delhi villages by Vishesh Pratap Gurjar to mathematical models for train scheduling and delay prediction by Merajus Salekin, IIT Delhi is involved in lots of interesting research work.

The open house also organised workshops for school students for them to engage in science and understand various ways science and technology are changing our lives. The workshops involved a variety of topics such as 3-D printing, the manufacturing process of Lens, Wearable chair, a bed to accommodate paralyzed patients, etc.

Some of the interesting research aimed at the solution to common problems are Fabric based drinking water filter, Oil spill remediation using Carbon nanotubes aerogel, Manual Fertilizer Spreader, Stealth Technology for aircraft, Producing fuel from waste plastic, detecting cancer in mammographic images using deep learning techniques, etc. I have attached a few interesting research posters in case any of our readers are interested in the research they can also contact the researchers. Programmes like these are important not only for the community and students to get inspired but also for the researchers to be able to effectively convey their research to common people. The open house is also an answer to the question of the right utilization of the taxpayer’s money.

Fabric based drinking water filter by Yogesh K. Swarnkar.
Oil Spill remediation using Carbon Nano-tubes aerogel by Kaushal R. Parmar
Producing fuel from waste plastic by Uma Dwivedi.
Train Scheduling and Delay Prediction by Merajus Salekin
Delhi – A city of villages by Vishesh Pratap Gurjar

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Mritunjay Sharma
Mritunjay Sharma
Mritunjay Sharma finished his B.Sc (H) from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University in Chemistry. After that he went to England to study Masters in Polymer Material Science and Engineering from University of Manchester and consequently finished his PhD in Nuclear and Materials Chemistry from University of Manchester

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