Single moms: The wonder women of our society

Did you think that Superheroes only exist in Marvel comics, movies or video games? You will be proved wrong after reading this article. I’m gonna talk about a superhero who lives amongst us, and we aren’t even aware of their superpowers!

That’s right. SINGLE MOMS, PEOPLE! The only non-fictional superheroes existing in our society.

“Men are what their mothers make them”– a simple yet a very challenging task for a mother. The whole character development of an individual depends on one single person, the same person who gave birth to him. It will be wrong to say that this responsibility solely lies with the mother. A father has an equal role. But that’s not the case with everyone. What if the work of two people has to be done by one person? These extraordinary human beings are called single moms. There is a reason I called them superheroes.

These single mothers usually become pregnant at an early age and are left devastated and supportless by the society. The reason can be anything but thank god for the amazing parents who support their daughters and help them get through. From all the inspiring single mother stories I read, few of them really touched my heart. All those stories tell you that life is no bed of roses, but they are living proof that when we are other focused when we live, love, we find lasting happiness.

After hearing a handful of opinions on hardships of single motherhood and doing my own research, I found the below five useful strategies that you need to keep in mind while single parenting:

1.  A Support System

The single mom’s parents are the most significant support team she could ever have. As they have been parents before, they know what is better for the baby in times when the single mom is traumatised by the fact that she has one new life to handle and she is all alone. Friends and relatives also play an essential part when you have to get away for a few hours and want someone to take care of the baby.

2.  Asking for Help

It’s sometimes difficult and embarrassing for single moms to ask for help – or even admit they need it. (As single mom Leane Vinogradov, of Calgary, Alberta, aptly puts it: “I’ve often been to the point of tears and filled with guilt before I could pick up the phone.”) But if you really need an hour or two alone so you can nap or take a break from the kids, need help for household chores, or have to go attend a party, don’t be afraid to ask for help. I am sure there will be so many people in your life who will be happy to help.

3. Listing out your Priorities

“Many single moms fall into the superwoman trap, feeling that in addition to working all day, they must also keep a clean house, serve home-cooked meals, and tend to their children’s needs,”– this might be true, but single mothers need to be realistic about what they can and can’t accomplish in a day. They should not have a feeling that they have to overcompensate for everything they do, just because they are single parenting. They need to give themselves a little break.

4. Making peace with the painful past

Lastly, it’s critical for all single moms to try to create a peaceful home life for better raising of their kids. For some mothers, this might mean forgiving their ex or making amends with their husband. They just need to make sure that they keep the negativity out of their kid’s life as much as possible.

Here are some of my personal favourites, the strong and gorgeous single moms whom we respect! They are much more confident, glamorous and represent hip and happening lot. They are an inspiration that is apprehensive about walking out of their troubled relationship and raise their kids single-handedly both in Bollywood as well as Hollywood:

Bullock, America’s sweetheart and an Academy Award-winning actress, may have been blindsided when her marriage to Jesse James – and her role as stepmom to his three kids—ended, but heartache didn’t stop her from opening her heart. She adopted Louis Bardo, a baby boy from New Orleans, and then, in 2015, Bullock she adopted a three-year-old Laila from the foster care system. “When I look at Laila, there’s no doubt in my mind that she was supposed to be here,” Bullock also said, adding: “My family is blended and diverse, nutty, and loving and understanding. That’s a family.”

While her fairytale wedding with Tom Cruise didn’t have a happily-ever-after, she came out of her divorce with a daughter, Suri. In an exclusive cover story with People, she spoke honestly about the challenges: “You do the best you can. Some days you feel really good about yourself and some days you don’t.”

Karisma was married to Sanjay Kapoor however, the marriage turned out ugly, and the couple filed for divorce. Karisma has two kids, Samaira and Kiaan with Sanjay and is a proud single mother in Bollywood.

The proud single mom of gorgeous Bollywood beauties Karisma and Kareena is another celebrity on the list. Babita took responsibilities of her daughters after her separation with Randhir Kapoor. Even though it was reported that the couple resolved their issues in 2007, we do not get to see them together.

Being a single mother has at times is difficult and demanding, but it’s also had great rewards. If you’re a single parent, by circumstance or by choice, you’ll no doubt hit some bumps and turns along the way. But when you weather through those rough times and look at your baby’s face, the joy of parenting is all that you will cherish.

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  1. I think u should have mentioned sushmita sen also as she is also a single mom not because of situational crisis… because she choose to be one …. otherwise I really liked it 👍


    1. yes, i agree. but everybody knows about her, so I thought I will tell the world about other great single moms for a change.



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