5 Scrumptious snacks to try this Monsoon

Monsoon – The season for travelers. The ‘suhana sama’ perfect for romance. The reason to explore and get amazed by nature’s flawless beauty. But, this is not all, monsoon holds some lip-smacking treats for foodies too. So this time when ‘tip tip barsa pani’ ignites the craving for FOOD, go for these regional monsoon delicacies.


A special monsoon ‘roti’ prepared in Jammu, charolia. Gets its name from the clay pot with 4 or 5 fine openings aka ‘charol’ used to pour the batter. It made by mixing wheat flour/ all purpose flour with water. Making of this delicate delicacy seems a beautiful artwork too and is enjoyed best with hot tea or milk. Literally, we have to get all the strings attached.

Monsoon snacks - CHAROLIA


Among the “sounding deadly but appetizing” clan of dhoklas fafdas and theplas here we have Methi na gota or fenugreek leaves fritters. It is a Gujarati tea time snack prepared from gram flour and of course, fenugreek leaves batter seasoned with salt, asafoetida and carom seeds. Dal Vada is a crispy crunchy monsoon snack prepared from ground soaked lentil paste flavored with spices. So hey,  sonu or not so sonu ‘Mahra par bharoso karo’ (in short trust me) and try these. Monsoon snacks - METHI NA GOTA and DAL VADA


Bengali cuisine well-known for its subtle yet sometimes fiery flavors is a heaven for food fanatics. Fried snack tradition offering toothsome ‘chops’ resulted from British influence (no doubt the land of fish n chips) and then eventually ‘Angrez chale gye or chops chhod gye’ which are the most wanted street evening snack in today’s  Kolkata. Alur chops are seasoned mashed potatoes patties dipped in gram flour batter, fried and served hot with muri (puffed rice) and tea.

Monsoon snacks - ALUR CHOP


The humble dumpling -the King of street food has been the talk of ‘nation’. On the edge of ‘ban trend’ sword because of the notorious monosodium glutamate a.k.a. MSG,  ajinomoto is used widely in street food preparations. Momos (literal meaning steam) are native to Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, and rose to fame in north east India gradually extending their fan base across the whole country.These dumplings filled with boiled veggies, cheese or minced meat are served with spicy dips and loads of monsoon love. Monsoon snacks - MOMOS


Yet another irresistible dish from the land of vada pav, misal pav and pav bhaji. These Maharashtian onion fritters are served hot sandwiched in the one and only – ‘pav’ with green chutney and fried green chilies. Tastes best during monsoon with pals (or more accurately bantai) and cutting chai. Its the high time to plan a hangout starring kanda bhaji pav and catch up with your ‘bhidu log’ (bros for life).Monsoon snacks - KANDA BHAJIThese were some of my favorite dishes to satisfy monsoon cravings 😉 whats yours – do let us know in the comment box.

And next time when the titter tatter of rain knocks on your windows pamper yourself with these mouthwatering delights. Till then Hasta la vista and yeah Bon appetit.

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