Snap and story sat on the wall, Snap had a great fall!

Screen on. Swipe screen. Pattern or password? Click on the yellow colored notification. Open Snapchat.

How many of you tend to follow this schedule? And if you do it, what do you use Snapchat for? Is it because cute puppy faces can’t be ignored or you really want to know how does she look when she wakes up? (Trust me, she did not wake up like this)

Snapchat came out as a sensational application in 2011, is one of the widely used one. The whole idea is to deliver on spot narratives and pictures and let them go away in space. Initially getting famous for racy messages among teenagers, the application provided a way to be sneaky and get away with it. However, the Peek-a-boo got destroyed by the screenshot feature and mediocre statements were produced suggesting that the application would convey the message to another person thus neither preventing nor nullifying the mistake but making sure the person trapped knows it.
Apart from its puppy filters and voice changer, a section called DISCOVER is also a major drive. Who doesn’t want to look at Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid getting cozy? But being an old school and a person who runs low on storage space, finding this application as obsolete is natural. Every other application like Facebook, Instagram, and further WhatsApp is providing the same things. To draw a parallel between the famous applications, here is what it will look like:

1) Snapchat v/s Facebook

(I hear you all going – How dare you make this comparison?)
This war will be resolved in a minute by a simple question. What does Snapchat can do that Facebook can not?

Stories: The whole aura of being candid and letting it go is really catchy and thus Facebook added this in its system in 2016.

Messenger: This feature is one of the most exploited one. It provides enormous entertainment and ways to communicate through simple texting, sending gifs and annoying people with lovely minion stickers.

Timeline and picture uploads: This is the brick of the whole application making it easy for people to express themselves in various ways and get haunted by them one year later as memory.

As predicted, the future is going to be a view of “Phone camera world” and Facebook being in the lead with all the features in one hand beats every else in the line. From features defining Whats on your mind to How do you look, Facebook is an incomparable hit.PicsArt_04-26-01.06.57.jpg(Image source: Business Insider)

Here, DAUs is daily active users and MAUs is monthly active users.

2) Snapchat v/s WhatsApp

WhatsApp has become one of the default application for most of the things. It is as frequently used as breathing. Being among one of the 1200 million monthly active users, we all exploit this application to:

Texts, documents, video or audio files: Which is bit of a problem sometimes because nobody can afford to read 325 messages on the recently made group. Thanks to you WhatsApp we have a mute feature too!

Voice calls and video calls: This is a major plus in order to avoid the commute and still connect with people.

The 24-hour Stories: Well if WhatsApp is being so omni with almost everything, adding stories as a feature would just shift the graph of users and popularity higher.

Status and Profile Picture: Personally I find this as the most important feature, which let me know if my friends are busy, heartbroken, warrior or alone.

And apart from all this, priority settings are well enjoyed. Because now people get to choose who they really want as a viewer of their status and last seen.

To compare the two applications, Snapchat is being on the downfall as after sending messages I swear I lose the track plus a huge gap of users respond to green light more. Also, Snapchat’s calling feature is nearly extinct. On the bright side, the only thing WhatsApp doesn’t allow is to let me know how cute I look as a sleazy deer.

3) Snapchat v/s Instagram

Instagram has been racing everyone behind in the battle to be a picture application. Started on a scrapbook theme, it grew to provide us stories like Snapchat and guess what? It has been stealing users from Snapchat since then.

Growing as the third largest application on usage terms, it has been the biggest reason of fall in Snap shares. A report on TechCrunch found that Snapchat Stories view counts dipped by 15-40 percent after Instagram Stories launched.

And in six months 150 million daily users were reaching out to Instagram for stories making it a total of 400 million daily users to that of 158 million daily users of Snapchat.

(Image Source: Business Insider)

Further, these applications are promising to improvise Selfie system and use it to make personalized stickers. A feature one of its own kind and unclaimed till now which further reduces the authenticity of Snapchat.

My personal opinion of this whole idea is a bit dark because after getting traumatized by memes, this may be the next step to my destruction ( Oh god !)

THE OH, NO’S OF SNAPCHAT                    

To swirl the storm a little more, the sweeping statements of CEO of Snapchat EVAN SPIEGEL calling India as poor will never stop to surprise. To Quote him – “This app is only for rich people. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain .” Being one of the largest populations to own, any business in this world would not dare to make this kind of mistake. And immediately after the mishappening, Snap shares fell 1.5%.

This storm leads to destruction which was well broadcasted by Twitter. The hashtags such as #boycottsnapchat, #deletesnapchat, #ceosnapchat raised the voice of the whole country and crashed the business by deleting the application as well as rating it as a single star. The whole country got divided in between either you use Snapchat or you are an Indian.


In a spur to literally own the holy river and not just wash hands in it, Facebook has been using this to trash Snapchat by making statements such as Mark Zuckerberg – “I think one thing that people probably don’t think about as much as we do is innovation to serve everyone in the community not just the high end, right?” (What a jab!)

Also, the news section doesn’t seem to stop flooding with the headings of “Facebook on the verge to destroy Snapchat” In a perfectly expected reaction, Snapchat ended up spending $7.7 million to protect it from Facebook.

Later the allegation was denied as false by highlighting the fact that Snapchat is free for everyone to download and thus provided to everyone. Not only that, it was made clear that the statement was made by Anthony Pompliano, an ex to Snapchat. This added to the cloud of suspicion on the statements made.

But I guess it is not enough to water the anger which was created earlier, which is highly suggestive of falling of Snapchat from the Throne.

Nevertheless, the world has been changing faces from hanging pictures on the wall or saving snaps in order to cherish them to literally going down to just clicking the snap. Maybe “being in the moment” is just another caption to another story and not an essence of feeling. How about we try doing it sometime? If Jennifer Lawrence does it, it would be cool I guess?


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    1. I totally agree with you. I never said that stories were a part of the creativity of facebook. But if we were to compare ,facebook too now provide stories. So there is no need to have another app i.e. Snapchat for that.



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