Socio-Legal analysis of drug abuse among juvenile delinquents

I am Neha Tanwar, from the Central University of Rajasthan. The topic of my research is, “Socio-Legal analysis of drug abuse among juvenile delinquents and impact of counseling in children homes and observation homes in Delhi Metropolitan”. This study seeks information towards the scenario of drug abuse among juvenile and role/impact of counseling. I am working on juvenile delinquents. A juvenile delinquent is a person (Male/Female) who is below 18 years of age and commit an act against the societal norms and law. Juveniles engaged in different illegal activities are not real criminals. Even they are sufferers or victims of different situations. Instead of labeling them as “delinquents”, few needful steps to be taken to give them scope correction and it would be better if the illegal act in their lives. Juvenile delinquency generally refers to a conflict situation encountered with a juvenile.                        I, prefer to choose to counsel as a tool to rehabilitate juvenile drug abusers. Counseling can play a positive role to reform the juvenile instead of punishing them. Punishment can lead disturbance into their behavior and life. As we all know that child is the father of the man. They are identified as worldwide assets of the nation. But due to ignorance of family, society, and the juvenile justice system, the future of the nation under the threat.
                       In this research, I analyze the role of counseling in the reformation of drug abusers and the causes of Drug abuse among juveniles. Through this study focuses to understand the socio-legal dilemma related to juvenile delinquency and crimes. This study identifies the impact of counseling upon juveniles delinquents.

Neha Tanwar

Neha Tanwar is a PhD student at Central University of Rajasthan.


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