Are you a struggling writer? Do you have a plot or character in mind and are confused how to start? Are you in the biz but guidance is what you need?

You are on the write(right) article. We have some starters to kick you in. While you write, the following can be the points that help you write and express better. This might help to give glitter to your plot, and happy to your writing. Happy writing!

Before you could go further, remember to bring your story down to the 5 act structure, as follows. Its also called “ABDCE” structure taken from Stephen King’s book, “On Writing”.

A is for Action. We need to specify the concreteness of the story’s starting.

B is for Backdrop. We need to specify the backdrop of the story that might take the lead as to what happened before action.

C is for Climax. This becomes the key narrative twist.

D is for Development. Here comes the rising of the plot. Your protagonist faces the consequences or problems.

E is for Ending. This is where the protagonist changes its thought, or significant changes happen in their life.

Once you narrow your story down to this, the following will brush up your writing…

Style, and not Vocab.

Many of the starting writers (including me) think that a good vocabulary takes them forward. But one thing that they are leaving behind is style. Stephen King said in his book that the blooming writers should focus on their writing style and this style should go hand in hand with vocabulary. What makes a writing piece beautiful are the writer’s style and the placing of correct words in correct places.

Language, and not Experience.

Experience makes a better writer. True. But, language makes a better writer perfect. You can go to the place, and write your experience. But you might as well feel the place, research about it, and use the concreteness of the setting and description to write the scene. Placing the character using the correct language, in the correct setting can uplift. Stephen King writes out of the world experiences. How do you think that is possible? How will experience take you to the moon?

Only language can.

Things, and not Ideas.

There is a difference between essay, and a novel or a story is that essay defines all the facts, and a story makes you walk through an entire plot. A writer never tells what happens in the story. He always shows. Idea corresponds to an essay, and things correspond to words that are concrete.

Omit, and not exceed.

When you complete your first draft and sit to edit, there is some economy that should be applied. Your second draft should be 90% of your first draft. One thing that excited Stephen King’s red pen was the sentence which does not describe the character more or blooms the plot. Go get your red pens too.

Happy Writing!

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