STEREO TYPOS- Sitting Improper

“Is this the way girls sit?”
“Theek se baitho, you are a girl.”
“Keep your legs closed, don’t sit like a guy!”
A shout out to all the girls out there!

Why are we always told to sit properly? Why can’t we sit the way we want?

Sounds rebellious? WE DON’T CARE.

Girls and young women are often told to sit properly, dress appositely and talk congruously. I don’t understand why?  This has nothing to do with comfort, but is more about making women fit into the “social definition” of being graceful and lady-like.

But what if sitting improper is more fun… more congenial?

STEREO TYPOS - Sitting Improper


A new Whisper ad seeks to challenge the idea of a proper woman, especially how she should sit and behave when she is menstruating.

In my view, the video, done in collaboration with all women comedy group Girliyapa, featuring women in a variety of settings was a great way of challenging all the stereotypes, this cruel society has, against women and girls.

In all the scenes in the video, those women look comfortable in how they are doing their job or having fun. They sit with their legs wide, against a wall, feet dangling from a staircase and more. These images are in contrast with the notion of constant brickbat of the society – someone telling them to have some shame and sit ‘properly’, unlike boys who can sit however they want.

We as girls have grown up with society enforced convictions of doing things in a certain way. Whether it be something as trivial as how we sit, it’s always been about doing some things because we are girls.  Don’t you think these ideas are rather frivolous?  Sometimes it’s okay to be a misfit. It’s time that we think of our comfort first, and not do what the society asks us to do. If sitting improper is more comfortable, more liberating, then why sit properly?

Sitting properly is not the only issue. I can list out so many stereotypes that society has for women, the funniest being the only athletic activity women participate in is Zumba – doesn’t even make sense, right?  I don’t think I need to tell you about all the amazing women athletes around the world. There are more, like: Women don’t like to use curse words – funny indeed.

Women engineers have taken Twitter by storm by posting photos of themselves with the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer in an effort to challenge gender stereotypes.

It all started when Isis Wenger, a platform engineer at tech firm OneLogin, posted a recruitment ad for her company that featured her own photo . She said people immediately commented on her facebook post, insisting that she couldn’t possibly be an engineer at OneLogin because of how she looks. How irrelevant!

 These stereotypes are almost as false as saying that men are good at math. Duh. This is so wrong and if a rebellion as small as sitting improper can contribute towards changing of these stereotypes, then why not? Every drop counts, doesn’t it?

Many initiatives are being taken to fight stereotypes against women. Living up to its commitment to empower women around the world,

United Colors of Benetton in occasion of International Women’s Day, on 16th march 2017, launched #UnitedByHalf, a campaign promoting gender equality developed in India and it was aired around the world.

STEREO TYPOS - Sitting Improper


It’s high time that we break all the pigeonholes the society has made for us and fly out. Our time has come.


YES I don’t know how to sit proper.
YES I don’t pretend to be someone else.
YES I don’t put make up on.
YES I laugh out loud at hilarious things.
YES I don’t wear expensive clothes and accessories
YES I am a tomboy, if that’s you wanna call me.
YES, I prefer jammies over crop tops.
YES, shoes are my favorite footwear.
YES, I am ambitious.
YES, I am messy and  “shameless”.
No, I ain’t your perfect definition of a girl.
Because, your perfect is not my perfect.
I am proud of what I am.

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