Students’ safety jeopardized at Mumbai University during ongoing Karnataka Political drama

Administration of the University of Mumbai chose to be a mute spectator when police took over the campus premises after detaining Congress leaders at one of its guest houses in Kalina Campus putting the safety of students living in university campus at risk.  It is debatable why police chose the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR) guest house for the detention of Karnataka minister D K Shivakumar and there loom some serious questions.

The political situation in Karnataka has been going dirtier with each passing day with accusations of horse-trading, death of democracy and whatnot. With the whole country watching, Mumbai Police and Mumbai University Administration (who was responsible from MU might only be revealed after the inquiry ordered by VC who himself is facing heat for such lapses) chose to make Kalina Campus the epicenter of such political crisis. Mumbai police claimed to have taken over the campus premises as law enforcement bodies terming its situation as an emergency like. But the law allows such action only after being sanctioned by District Magistrate. Neither police nor MU has furnished such communications from District Magistrate, claimed by Mahesh Samant, a student leader associated with the AAP party.

The icing on the cake is that claimed by Mahesh, VC, Pro VC, and Registrar were out of contact when students were trying to contact them due to the curfew-like situation imposed in the University by a strong Mumbai police. Students, especially those living on-campus, faced difficulties even to enter the campus as police were guarding MU gates.

An intriguing fact that MU has been trying to downplay by ordering an inquiry is that administration led by VC lacks accountability on why a student’s campus was allowed to become a playfield for dirty politics? What message are they giving to the students living in the hostels not even 100 meters away from ICSSR guest house, and their families, about the seriousness of administration for their wellbeing?


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