Are you ready to #pressforprogress?

This international women’s day, our team implied the idea of promoting this year’s theme #pressforprogress and we women voiced our thoughts through this article. We couldn’t think of a better occasion than today to tell you guys about it!

That Sheer Dress

She danced like there’s no tomorrow. Believed in the good of all. Pretended not to take notice of all eyes on her swaying hips. It was obvious, wasn’t it? It was her fault that a man grazed his front against her or that another would block her way in hopes of bumping into her.

ALIS VOLAT PROPRIIS: She flies with her own wings!

A woman is the reason that we have men, she is the reason for our existence, she is the bud to every flower. A women should no longer remain synonymous of delicacy and feebleness, for this shows their inability to stand tall and walk with their heads held high. It’s high time her prestige is restored to the same pedestal where it belongs.

How to tackle your Woman?

Happy women’s day! Every woman is special and there are no two women who are alike in this world. However, doing categorisation is sometimes useful (and fun) if you’re trying to decipher her, what is she like? what will she LIKE? And when you’re extremely stuck in the depths of an ocean on how to make her happy? Here are some of the best choices on what to gift and make her upload captioned “a day well spent”!