Be it the first day of school, or the first friend you made. Our life has had many ‘firsts’. Some memorable, others you wish time would erase (eventually). But here is Afflatus, asking you to never let go any of these first times un-celebrated. They come and go, but the joy (even in a heartbreak) should be celebrated with pride. These are ten most to least memorable events that took place or are going to take place in your life that demands celebration.

1.The first time you took the wrong decision.

To know the right path, you should have the courage to embrace the wrong turns you took. The decisions that didn’t turn out to be profitable to you deserve to go in the trash, but not the lessons that it taught you. You have to celebrate the lessons and upcoming correct decisions.

2.The first time your happiness brought you tears.

You have had all the ups and downs of your life. It has finally arrived with a handful of happiness and joy. You do remember how you cried when you saw your mother after a long time spent in hostel far off for studies, don’t you?   Those tears were meant to be the celebration of the love you carry.

3.The first time you achieved something.

Whether it is the first time you scored an A on any academic test or is your first promotion, you feel the rush of emotions. Sure you have felt that before and sure you want more, but to encourage your internal motivation, the celebration is a must.

4.The first time you got your heart broken.

You don’t eat. You don’t sleep. You don’t concentrate. You feel like you have no centre in this world and hence your life is aimless. Yes, this is what pain brings. Celebrate it, it won’t go until you fight it. Take it as a step towards maturity, learn and move on.

5.The first time you got high.

The feeling of being high and finally feeling out of the world. People have described this feeling as being on the verge of the sky, or rather flying. This might be the first time you feel that you are exploring your freedom, and beyond that, you can find your independence. Maybe you celebrate with some lemonade.

6.The first time you walk into an interview.

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of walking into an interview you have been preparing for so long. Your first job is a hit-milestone in your life. The very first time you are interviewed, the nerves, the expectations, the environment and the interviewers. Although this moment can be consumed so quickly with all the adrenalin in your body, you are sure to look back and this day in nostalgia. This does count for the opening of an expensive bottle.

7.Your first date.

Need we say much? This is a beautiful experience. One like no other. The very first set of butterflies your stomach releases. Whether he/she is good or not? Whether we will have a good time or no? Budget? What will I say? Will he/she like me? No moment before the date is free of such thoughts. Treat yourself to a little ice-cream after such an effort.

8.The first time you got your paycheck.

Following your hard work is your hard-earned money. A lot of us sure do plan what to do with it on the day you join your first job. Give your mother a surprise? Get your father that watch? Or splurge on yourself. The options are many when it happens for the first time. That counts for a moment of sheer pride and celebration.

9.The first trip with friends.

Believe us when we say this, there is nothing quite like it. Stay up to watch sunrises. Have breakfast for dinner. Struggle for that permission to Goa. Because ultimately, looking back on those days, you’d sure think for yourself that there wouldn’t have been anything better you could’ve done with a little free time. The trip itself is a celebration.

10.The first time you vote.

This is the first time you and the country believe in you as a responsible citizen. There’s a definite pressure to choose right and honest. But this will also teach immensely. This is an important time you will feel welcome into the grown world.

This article has been written in collaboration with two of our Authors: Payal Mulani and Medha Reddy. You can read more of their individual work by clicking on the hyperlink.

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