Selfish or selfless?

The Joy of Giving - Selfish

When you only think about yourself and never what other people want, expect, or feel. The only emotion you have is self: Selfish. When you give yourself to love, help and care for to heal others, never giving a thought about self: Selfless.

Now the question, why are some people tagged selfless, while I believe they are still selfish?

We love people. We care for them. We go the extra mile even for the ones we know won’t turn back to us. Why? Are we selfless? No. We are selfish. We only think of our happiness. Giving gives us happiness. We never think of what people want, we only know how to mend the broken souls. We just have so much love, that we can’t keep it inside us. We belong to the squad that will rip their heart out, give it to you and ask if you want anything else. All we want is our love to conquer all, or at least to reach all. Our happiness has everything to do with people we care. We cry on their sobs and smile on their happy tears.

Don’t misunderstand our love with the “love” everybody is looking for. It’s just a simple act of humanity: an emotion long forgotten.  We are only happy loving and caring people. Least do we “givers” expect from the “getters”, and yet, we are much more happy than them. But, don’t worry about us, if you don’t turn back.

If we can love you so much, imagine how much we love ourselves.

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