The MBA Dream for Engineers

It has become the trend nowadays for engineering students to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree in order to further their career potential. The primary reason for this transition from technical specializations to an administrative one is that most engineering professionals hit a glass ceiling at some point. This occurs primarily due to redundancy and the existing corporate structure. There is a myriad of MBA programs to choose from and it is a herculean task to determine which domain suits you as an individual. A few of the most promising MBA specializations for engineering graduates are outlined below.

1. MBA in Human Resource Management (HRM)

The hiring of worthy candidates as well as managing the internal affairs with respect to the functioning of the company in addition to maintaining the level of performance of the employees are the main objectives of HR managers. HR managers with a strong understanding of the technical requirements of the company are high valued assets and would, therefore, give them a competitive edge.

2. MBA in Operations Management

Operations management deals with the optimization of materials, labor and technology to ensure maximum efficiency. It primarily deals with logistics and supply chain management and is often cited as the linchpin of any industry. An MBA in this sector would be an apt choice for engineers as the problem solving and optimization techniques of their specializations can be extrapolated to this discipline.

3. MBA in Finance

This is one of the most coveted and challenging disciplines. The degree helps the candidate to manage the financial aspect of corporate affairs and would be of incredible value to engineers looking to transition from Technical to administrative roles.

4. MBA in International Business (IB)

Globalization has made the world a much smaller place. An engineering graduate with this particular specialization would be able to assist in the international dealings of the company such as import and exports in addition to managing the finance and marketing on an international scale.

5. MBA in Engineering Management/ Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

This is a discipline that provides the whole package. An engineer can hone his/her technical skills while coming to grips with managerial aspects. In this age of start-ups, a degree in this course would be of tremendous benefit for the technical professionals.

Engineering and Management were considered to be at two extreme ends of the corporate spectra earlier on. But nowadays, one cannot survive without the other, and knowledge of both is vital for a professional to find success.

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