The modern day Sanjeevani – Rhodiola Imbricata

Shrolo (Rhodiola imbricata) as Discussed by Honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi Ji on his address to the nation on 08/08/2019 is a modern-day sanjeevani. I have worked on the conservation and photochemical Analysis of this modern Day sanjeevani.

Rhodiola Imbricata (Shrolo) is one of the most important medicinal plants used in many traditional as well as modern medicines in Asia, Europe, North America, and Alaska. In India, these plants are also found in India (Himalayan belt) as well as other countries such as Tibet, China, and Mongolia. It contains high-value medicinal compounds (Salidroside, Rosin and its derivatives) having therapeutic properties for treatment of various disorders such as the high-altitude sickness, depression, cardiovascular, neuronal, liver and skin disorders as well as epidemic diseases such as edema of limbs, injuries, and burns. These compounds also act as an immunostimulant, radioprotective, adaptogenic, anti-fatigue, anti-depressant, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-hypoxia, anti-toxic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancerous compounds.

Rhodiola Imbricata is growing well on rocky slopes and moist conditions in leh valley, lower elevations of Ladakh under moist conditions but it is very difficult to grow these species outside of their native place. Rhodiola has been propagated through root cuttings. It is also cultivated by seeds but it is limited due to a number of factors such as poor seed viability, poor germination rate and survival under unfavorable environmental conditions. To solve these problems In vitro propagation is used for rapid multiplication and production of uniform plants under controlled conditions independent of environmental changes for various experiments and industrial applications.

Dr Ashwani Bharadwaj

Dr Ashwani Bharadwaj dedicated his PhD to work on Phytochemical evaluation of Rhodiola Imbricata. He is currently head of Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory at Neva Plantation Pvt. Ltd., Himachal Pradesh.


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