The Murky Secrets of Our Bollywood: An opinion on Glamour, Race and Nepotosim

“Kabhi Kabhi Kuch Jeetne Ke Liya Kuch Haar Na Parta Hai, Aur Haar Ke Jeetne Wale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hain”

Informally, the word ‘bolly’ signifies being beautiful without being too sexually overt. But, the irony is, Bollywood has become synonymous to the antonym of the word itself.  To generalize it, Bollywood has provoked a sudden panic that it could be a bad omen. Trapped in the illegitimate and vicious cycle of ‘aim and fame’, the Bollywood has enshrined the harsh realities of prostitution.

  • Bollywood – A bait for amateurs

She has a heart, a heart of gold clouted with dominance and perseverance. She is not a hedonist yet she bears all the hardships with a fake smile and orgasms.

This commercialised sexualisation of Indian female protagonists has become a standard practice across the industry and they are being used as ‘objects’ twice as likely as men in revealing clothes and sexy attire.  The female characters are assaulted and are a subject to casting couch in our native Cinema. The amateurs to the industry find themselves selling sex not because they want it, but because they are lured by their venal relatives who propose to them lucrative offers in the industry. These deceptive ways are a trap to the innocence of the beginners and the newcomers to the industry that leads to the disgruntled image of Bollywood.

A majority of famous trailblazers like Kalki Koechlin, Tisca Chopra, Suvreen Chawla, Sameera Reddy and many more have been a victim to this menace.

  • Bollywood- Imbalance of time, status and skills

Bollywood has acclaimed to bring laurels to India and is undoubtedly class apart from the other silver screens globally. Yet, its embellished golden crown is razed to pieces of discomfort, poverty, injustice, and skin colour obsession.

The fans and Bollywood fan clubs are basking in only the flashy and glamorous streets of cinema, but there is an unilluminated alley of dearth and poverty filled with depression, sadness and anxiety. What we laud is the red carpets, beautiful and lively photoshoots, and the B-town parties. What we fail to realize is the real-life challenges faced and overcome by these veterans.

The Bollywood road trod by the celebrated actors A.K Hangal, Bharat Bhushan, Parveen Babi, unfortunately, led them to depression and loneliness until they died. They are just a few precedents amongst many of the prominent celebrities who had led their last years of life bearing these sufferings despite being wealthy and rich. This is because of the fiery and outstretched wings of the unscrupulous industry which traps and weakens the spirit of the strongest.

Yet another ugly and dirty side Bollywood is the culture of Racism to which common men are completely unaware. Bollywood never fails a chance to glamorize or giving an extra edge to those who are fairer though not proficient in their work. This is a complete injustice to the skilful and the aspiring actors. This, in fact, can very well be substantiated by the statistics that much-talented people like Konkana Sen and Nandita Das often take back seat and are overshadowed by the fairer yet inept actors.

Nandita Das

  • The Nepotism Debate: Legacy of privilege

Well, Bollywood truly has an old age history of favouring the progeny, the kiths and kins of the legends of Indian film industry. Hardly do they believe in devising ways and methods of encouraging the new talent avant-garde. The Kapoor’s, Khans and Kumar’s of Bollywood, all have been subject to nepotism. We neither have any selection nor any audition process for the relatives of Bollywood people. This is a disgrace to the industry. This bias has created the Bollywood to submerge under the power of wealthy and famous who refer their blood or brood.

References are acceptable as far as they are for the mutual benefit of the Bollywood, its actors and the audiences. The modern and ace actress Alia Bhatt and Shraddha Kapoor, Chocolate boy- Ranbir Kapoor, an inspiration to all – Arjun Kapoor, are some players of the industry who did not have to sweat to carve their names on the screen.  

The reference and judgements should be reserved only for the best of the lot, adept and highly promising debutants. The others should be given a fair piece of share through the process of auditions.  The Bollywood has to be more transparent and the directors must make selections on the basis of suitability of roles and not on the relations they have with the actors. Professionalism must take over nepotism, this is the only way!

  • Drug Tales in Bollywood- Bollywood saves Bollywood

Udta Punjab is certainly the best exemplification of the actual reality of the drug addicts in the Bollywood. Movies like this are actually saving the Bollywood from nuisances of such acts. The case of Sanjay Dutt isn’t unknown to the public eye. The Munna Bhai actor was arrested in 1982 for possession of drugs, a post which he went to the US for rehab on his father’s suggestion.

Sanjay Dutt made a statement,” From cocaine to heroin, if there is any drug I have done it”. This is proving enough that Bollywood has an affiliation with drugs long since people know about it. It is abhorrent to consider that many actors like Fardeen Khan, Aftab Shivdasani, Angad Bedi have been arrested for marijuana and drugs.

We are oblivious and absorbed to the acts of Bollywood. These gruesome acts act as a stumbling block to the success of an otherwise crowned and celebrated Indian film Industry.

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