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Believe it or not- there’s a Sheldon Cooper in you!

by Sargam Palod

Who wouldn’t want to be Sheldon Cooper? He’s always the smartest person in the room with an IQ of 187, a senior theoretical physicist at the CalTech University, two doctorates, and having an equally intellectual mate who keeps up with his quirks and stubbornness! Sounds too perfect, right? And this leaves you in confusion…Maybe someone like him (a person who’s exceptionally talented & weird) can exist only as a fictional character. Trust me, somewhere deep inside, you too have some things common with our Big Bang’s “beautiful minds genius guy”. Let me do the honors of proving you wrong…

1. Your love life began a little late. Perhaps, a little too late

Your friends have always had their fair share of break-ups and patch-ups but you never felt the need to share your life with someone. Maybe no one understood you actually? But now that you have someone (finally), you’re not willing to dive into it. Perhaps things are going a little too fast…

Rember the time when Penny asked Sheldon, why he and Amy aren’t sleeping together, he said that it’s a foreplay instead of owning up to the fact that he wasn’t willing to do it.

2. You have got a photographic memory

A photographic memory or as we have heard many a time in the big bang, the oh-so popular “Eidetic Memory” is the ability to remember an image with absolute precision, detail, clarity, and accuracy as if the image is still there in front of you. You’re not only able to do that but can interpret and analyze further outcomes as well. You ruin games by predicting further moves and it’s jaw-dropping for everyone else in the room. Almost all the times.

3. There’s no other thing better than the ones you already like and whatever you do is the best

You just won’t admit it! Even when the pieces of evidence are pretty much unfolding right in front of you. You are short tempered, irritated when you don’t get your own way and need to be cared for by a mother figure whenever you’re ill or afraid. You’ve got varied hobbies, some of them being highly unsuccessful just like Sheldon’s popular show (sarcasm) “fun with flags” and his unconditional love for trains.

 4. You’ve got multiple Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Many of us have an OCD of organizing things but Dr. Cooper’s list has just begun… he has obsessive-compulsive tendencies such as knocking three times on the door, not driving on purpose, preparing a contract for every agreement/ mutual understanding, setting a bathroom schedule for him and his flatmates (also emailing the schedule) unwelcoming towards change in life, multiple phobias (towards germs, birds, etc.), and his hypochondria.

One such example is his preferred spot on the living room couch (Leonard says he’s got a sensitive butt). He just won’t sit anywhere else, neither will he let someone else sit on it in his presence.

WHY? WHY? WHY?… Because the sofa seat is really close to the radiator, radiator keeps him warm, yet not too close to make him sweat! It’s perfect for ventilation in summer coming in the path of a cross breeze. The Tv angle is apt which lets him not get too much involved if two people are making a conversation. And not too far which creates a pain in the neck.

5. You cannot forgive, forget or let go…

You find it difficult to leave things in the middle and get closure. You absolutely hate uncertainties and cannot part with your belongings. Amy tries to do away with his need for closure by taking him through a series of activities (like tic-tac-toe, movie, Domino’s etc.) and preventing Sheldon from finishing them, he completes each one of them by finishing the activities right after Amy leaves the apartment. Also, when Sheldon’s laptop stops working, he finds it hard to throw it away or replace it. We can never ever forget the storage unit that he showed Amy, toothbrushes, electronic gadgets, zip lock bags! Ah…What a keeper!

6. You’re pathetic when it comes to understanding normal humour

You are funny in your own way and enjoy humour based on informative stuff but you’re a tube-light when it comes to layman sense of humor, and often miss out on the subtlety of irony mocked by your peers. Never the less you occasionally crack yourself up and are a fan of pranks, which is often punctuated with a “Bazinga”!

7. You’re happy to not have people around (kinda Anti-Social)

You’re socially impaired, and enjoy a solitary lifestyle, totally uninterested in performing social rituals, and find it very difficult to understand emotions, in yourself or others. You don’t have a wide circle of friends (including social media) and are happy to not have too many people around. This reminds of the pilot episode when Sheldon says that we never chat offline and that he has 212 MySpace friends. How ironic.

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