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The shortcut story: What will happen if I cut my hairs short?

by Sargam Palod

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”, a popular maxim by Coco Chanel. Well, I believe that, but being whimsical I believe more in this notion that a woman who cuts her hair probably got bored.

Haircuts are inevitable, at times impulsive and may end up being like tattoo events on your life‘s timeline. So let me walk you through the process and the effects of “whatever you’re going to face inside and from everyone else around you“… spoiler alert!!! You might end up chopping that oh-so-long mane of yours!

Paradox: The haircut bot that takes home in your head

If you’ve considered this idea…aka let’s get my hairs short, you cannot get out of it. For me, it was instigated by a friend, who thought that short hairs look damn sexy on girls… after much consideration, and yes looking through the plethora of images on Pinterest, going through celeb profiles who had similar jaw-lines and face shape, the idea was both acceptable and appealing to me. And the first time I got my hairs short, was nearly after 5 months of contemplation. The process though is never easy…

The Painful “Process”

One of the popular reasons why women get their hairs short is to change their lives and have control over it but never do we realise that decisions taken under whims and spur of the moment may end up hurting us the most. Ergo, if you’re getting a haircut never do it for the following reasons:

  • A bad break-up. He was a moron! Why waste your energy on trying to resist and dedicating a phase of your hair as a constant reminder of memories spent with him?
  • Because my crush likes it. Absolutely not…you should be the one to want it the most!
  • Because it will make me stand out from the crowd. Umm partially yes, but a big no, analyze it completely well in advance, ask your friends who are updated with trends and whether your face shape, features are ready to strike a chord with your new look? And when you’re in the salon tempted to chop off those strands remember to talk it out in detail with your stylist.

Just 15 days ago…

Occupied with too many things at the time and having no control on either of them, enters my story…I’ve already told you that my decision was impulsive but I guess I had my plate full of stats, analytics, results and what I really-really wanted. All it took was a bad day, a bad exam day to take that courage out from the black box and tell’em to cut my hairs short. The pictures I showed my stylist were these…

  • Short hairs hitting just below the shoulder.
  • No layers. So that it will look sleek when I blow-dry/ straighten em.
  • Even if I don’t, it’ll be good because the wavy and coarse hairs look equally sexy and messy.









After an hour long session from washing, cutting, to blow-drying… this was what I got. Although it looked good, I wasn’t satisfied:

  • Short hairs, hitting over the shoulder. That’s too short.
  • Layers …YES! Why did you do that?!
  • Since they’re really short and wavy, I don’t know what to do.

Talk about a bad day, and I could see upcoming weeks of bad days with the same haircut and not being able to do anything about them. Since I don’t want to damage my hairs by straightening em regularly and don’t want to part away with my waves which are right now looking like Willy Wonka from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Courtesy of the blow dry session). I tied em up in a bun.

Mental Notes for the next time you go for a haircut:

  • Never trust the stylist with the LENGTH OF YOU HAIRS. Fight with him if you have to and keep the length as you desire, this is what you’re paying him for.
  • Wear a good outfit. This acts like a tub of chocolate ice-cream when you’re sad about your haircut and it doesn‘t go as planned. I was wearing a pink US Polo t-shirt. It helped.
  • Take the plunge in parts. Chopping off that nymph mane in one go might seem absurd when the decision is impulsive. Going through the shortest haircut with a time gap of one week seems like a good idea. It gives you time to think and you know when to stop when you’re getting reviews/ compliments from people.

Day 0: A Few hours just after the haircut AKA The Day of paramount emotions

Being dramatic about the whole haircut doesn’t help when you start contemplating the options you’re left with after the haircut:

  • Trying different hairstyles, spending numerous hours in front of the mirror and believing that your appearance is absolutely not fit for Public Consumption.
  • “My parents would disown me, whenever they find out about this act“. If they wanted to, they would have done that much earlier.

Take charge, because you’re the one who wanted it, you got those short hairs, that purple hair dye, that tattoo, that piercing, that bikini, so suck up those tears and control your emotions.

Get Geared up for the statements!

Family: Why did you cut your hairs?/ We will disown you!/ I’m telling you they won’t grow back (especially your mother).

Friends: Didn’t know you can look this good! (In genuine humor but more of a compliment)

Roommate: Hmm… What were you exactly planning? (Not a good sign)

Boyfriend: Don’t worry, you can pull it off easily. Everything looks good on you. (Supportive, at least)

Ex-Boyfriend: Can we get back into relationship? (You’ve got to be kidding me)

Things to do:

When you think your haircut didn’t go the way you planned…

  • Give yourself a week’s time. As time passes and you do the same work with a new style, you start getting comfortable in it. It’s as similar to developing a taste for a new beverage.
  • Think about the amazing compliments you got, it’s exciting, it’s empowering, it’s woooooowwwwww, it’s hot, it’s sexy and you look beautiful. Rely on them.
  • Look at how healthy your hairs are now . Although the cut seems still fresh and razor sharp when you look at your strands but hey, look at that bounce.
  • You’re saving so much time and expenses on shampoo and conditioner. Think money.
  • No matter what… your parents, your boyfriend/partner will still like you for the person you are, they won’t change because of your bad hairdo.
  • They will grow out. REMEMBER: This phase is nothing but temporary and you only, only & only live once.

What will people think of me?

Society has always been afraid of women who do radical changes to themselves. Even on this day, a woman doing something for herself (and not for someone else, especially not for male viewing pleasures or administrative pleasures) is still considered an act of rebellion.

Seeing some of these amazing celebs do it this year, like Scarlett Johansson, Jacqueline Fernandes, Rihanna and Kristen Stewart, gave me more power to do something uncomfortable.

And when I actually realized the comfort of chopping off those locks, it was liberating and with time I started to revel in it. My parents were happy to see my pictures on social media and they appreciated it. I was happy to have their acceptance and as of today, I feel confident whenever I walk the streets.

The key to your happy post-haircut days is to let go of what people will think of you. They don’t know you and the secret is people might feel that you’re really looking good. Moreover, you will see it in the way they sneak-peak at you.

Tell us in the comments below whether you’d like to take the take the risk of getting your hairs short.

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