The Sketch

The darker hues brought her to life,
Charred remains when indecision was rife.
She was none he knew,
Another pencil stroke on white canvas.
Soon but soon the eyes would stare,
Far beyond than he’d care.
He thought of glimmer and glitter:
Anything to bring her closer to the world of men.
But then something formed in the corner of her eye, 
Her soul effused the bitter truth.
She was shackled to the flat dimensions, 
For beyond the paper she was just a thought:
An artist’s stroke of genius.

Sketch by Rohan B. (Roro)

Author Profile

Anil Vinayak
A voracious reader, poet, aspiring writer, phone photographer and student of engineering. Author of the poetry collection "Shadows and Silhouettes". Social Media handle: VIN's Scribbles

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