The War Within: Anxiety Disorder

Imagine living and reliving every moment
be it trivial or significant with
a fetid mixture of worry and fear dogging every moment of your life.

For among us there are those who are affected by this singular curse which is far worse than any physical distress. Researchers are unsure of the cause of anxiety disorders but the feeling of anxiety is an inherent survival trait. When faced with any perception of danger the emotion of anxiety stimulates the body for flight or fight responses and is hence an asset in that regard. However, anxiety disorders are caused when an individual feel worried or anxious about a seemingly inconsequential day to day scenarios causing them to over analyze and stress out and thus affecting their personal and professional lives.

Click here for a medical overview of anxiety disorders.

More often than not, anxiety disorders are treated via a combination of pharmaceutical and psychiatric techniques and this helps to a great extent. The primary problem is that people refuse to seek help for their condition as they are either embarrassed or worried about judgment and most of the time unaware that they have a problem.

Anxiety, as opposed to depression, is very subtle and the sufferers are often subjugated by the competitive requirement of the present age for the very idea of possessing a disorder of this sort will be met with disdain and an expression of their condition is seen as a failure with the anxiety labeled as a ‘lame excuse’.

For instance, most of us have blanked out during an exam or at least for a particular question albeit having done the necessary preparation. Individuals suffering from anxiety disorders are more prone to this and would severely affect their academic performance. This would cause them to be marked as ‘stupid’ or ‘incapable’ and the undermining loss of self-respect would deteriorate their situation. Such an individual would never seek any other external help for they would likely move forward with the stamped belief that it was their own fault.

This could lead to a mental breakdown and cause the individual to become suicidal or lapse into depression. Wouldn’t it be better to end it all rather than suffer forever for the rest of your life?

Awareness of the existence of such disorders is the only way to save these individuals. The other element that most medical and psychiatric professionals ignore once someone seeks them out is the human factor. Humanity and empathy would go a long way for those at war with themselves and inner peace can only be acquired when they themselves are able to regain their self-respect in our society where the flashy materialism and predetermined notions of success reign supreme.

There is always help for those who seek it. Click on the link below to learn how to tackle your demons.

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