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After finishing graduation, every person has the same question on their tongues, ‘What next?’ It is a dilemma for people to decide whether to go for a job or opt for further education. And within the option of post-graduation, there are numerous branches and sub-branches that one can choose from. One such field of post-graduation is an MBA or Masters in Business Administration. An MBA degree can bridge the gap between being an employee and being a leader and can be pursued after a graduation degree in technology, economics, and any other field. There are many prestigious colleges who offer the course with various specializations, and the entrance exam to qualify for these colleges is GMAT. Here are some of the top-rated business schools all over the globe.

1. Harvard Business School

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Harvard Business School situated in the USA offers a two year MBA program in General Management. 37% of students studying at HBS are international students. HBS supports eligible students by various financial aid schemes as well. They offer 3-year Joint Degree programs including specializations such as Medical, Dental Medicine, Arts and Sciences and Technology combined with Management.

2. Stanford Graduate School of Business

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Situated in California, Stanford GSB has a similar 2-year program to that of Harvard Business School. They offer only General Management courses as well. A person can choose from a wide range of clubs and extracurricular activities practised in Stanford GSB.

3. IMD Switzerland

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IMD Switzerland is renowned for its IMD Executive MBA program, which is a 12-month course with distance learning, and 6 weeks out of office. This program has a particular module based on Silicon Valley discovery expedition in any one of the six locations all over the world. A student is supposed to use the company they work at as a ‘laboratory’ to finish college assignments through distance learning.

4. Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

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Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) offers MBA programs with various specializations such as finance, accounting, business development, consulting, general management, sales/marketing, operations/logistics, IT/engineering, etc. 98% of the student population consists of International students from over 20 countries. The approximate GMAT score range required to get admission here is 580-720.

5. IE Business School

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Based in Madrid, Spain, IE Business School offers full-time MBA program which can be customized to a total of 45% for personalized learning branching into 6 tracks. The overall duration of the course is 1 year and is offered in two languages, English and Spanish. This course gives more control to the students to choose over a variety of subjects and electives as per their career requirement.

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