TV Series to Watch Out for in 2019

With the new year comes a new set of resolutions and for the devoted TV series viewer, the resolution list would be packed with the most anticipated shows that are expected to be released in 2019. So for all the couch potatoes who are eagerly awaiting its release, here is our list of the top 8 TV series to watch out for in 2019.

1. Game of Thrones- Season Finale

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When it comes to favorite web series, Game of Thrones is the first name that pops into anyone’s mind. With the most alluring characters, this show has captivated the imagination of viewers for more than 7 years. The final season of Game of Thrones will reveal the verdict on who will ultimately take over the Iron Throne .

2. Rick and Morty – Season 4

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The mind-boggling adventures of Grandpa Rick and his Grand-kid Morty in the entire galactic universe has won many hearts worldwide. Fans are eagerly waiting for season 4 of this animated extravaganza which is expected to be released around the end of 2019 featuring the latest exploits of Rick and Morty battling and befriending aliens.

3. Stranger things – Season 3

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A story connecting two very different realms and the battle to keep demons and dark spirits from attacking Earth, Stranger Things has kept all its viewers intrigued and craving for more. Stranger things – Season 4 is expected to premiere in July 2019.

4. Sex Education – Season 1

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Thanks to heavy promotions and marketing from Netflix, this show has gained a lot of hype long before its release on 11th January 2019. With an offbeat theme about a young boy counseling his peers about sex education, the show has scored 8.5/10 on IMDb and a dedicated fan following.

5. Brooklyn nine-nine – Season 6

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Spreading laughter with every scene, this show has become an all-time favorite globally. The cop comedy series is bound to bring more action and leave you in splits now that Amy and Jake are married and Holt might become the next commissioner.

7. Black Monday – Season Premier

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Depicting the biggest stock market crash in 1987 Wall Street, the protagonists in this series try to give people the answers they want along with a pinch of comedy.

8. Watchmen

Watchmen (2019)
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What if people with supernatural powers were seen as a threat instead of superheroes? This TV series is set to portray that scenario where the so-called superheroes are actually hunted down by people.

Which show are you most excited to watch this year? Tell us in the comments below.

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