UDAIPUR-2: When the heaven hails to the White Pearl

After gluttonizing your History buff in the previous part, let’s just bow down to the orchestration of the mighty mountains, lovely lakes and calming clouds. As the title speaks for itself, ”A MONSOON MUST WATCH” you can’t afford to miss the scenic beauty of this city with a backdrop of rainwater sprinkles.

  1. Fatehsagar Lake and Moti Magri

Fatehsagar is an artificial lake, named after Maharana Fateh Singh of Udaipur and Mewar. The magic of this place never fades and somehow it allures you to witness its charisma again and again.

It offers a mélange of activities-
Boat ride– Relish the magnificence of the lake, unleash your fun side and get into the waters. You can choose from ferry boat, motor boat and jet skis. Motorboats also serve as a commute to landscaped island garden “NEHRU GARDEN” amidst the lake.

boat ride
Nehru Garden

Camel ride– Visiting a Rajasthani tourist spot is incomplete without a “mandatory” picture of a camel ride. (Dressed up camels await you)

camel rideChowpatiEverything is better with food, isn’t it? Alongside the lake, food joints are lined up to serve you savoury and affordable food. Famously known for the hot coffee served in Kulhad with a mesmerizing lakeside view makes it one of the most famous coffee corner in the city.

kulhad coffee
Kulhad Coffee
Fateh Sagar Chowpati

Fatehsagar Pal – The ambience of this particular place restyles itself throughout the day. Starting from being a “to go” place for refreshing morning walks, serving as a sunset point with children frolicking around in the evening and in the night, it gets a rejuvenating makeover by colourful lights. And random jamming sessions give a perfect musical touch to this metamorphosis.

fateh sagar pal

Moti Magri– It is a hillock topped with a memorial dedicated to Maharana Pratap atop his horse Chetak. It provides the top view of Fatehsagar lake and houses a Japanese rock garden. The evenings are concluded with a light and sound show.

moti magri

Fatehsagar is the second home to any Udaipurite and also “aapno marine drive”. This place never runs out of age for walking alongside with your earphones on and “rolling in the deep” or hanging out with a bunch of friends.

2. Neemach Mata Temple

Also known as “Udaipur ki Vaishnav Devi”, it is one of the most loved sightseeing spots of the city. The temple dedicated to Goddess Neemach Mata is accessible by stairs and an uphill slope. Although the walk up the hill is tiresome the unparalleled view of the whole city from the top is totally worth it.

neemuch mata
A view of the city from Neemuch Mata Temple

3.  Sahelion ki Baari and Sukhadia Circle

Sahelion ki bari is a major garden situated near to Sukhadia circle. It was built for the recreational activities of Maharana Sangram Singh’s consort and her maids. Embellished with artistic fountains, marble elephants, a lotus pool and a wide range of flower species render it a calm and peaceful aura. At a walk of 15 minutes is the Sukhadia circle.

Sahelion ki Bari

Sukhadia circle is a roundabout encircling a small pond with a three-tiered fountain. It is a popular food centre in the city and has kids play zone areas around. It is an another spot for a boat ride having paddle boats.

4. Rani Road and Badi Lake

Rani road encompasses the banks of Fatehsagar lake. As compared to Fatehsagar pal, rani road is less crowded. Hitchhiked by lake view on one side and luxurious hotels like Radisson blue, Lake End and Rani village with the famous Rajiv Gandhi park on the other side makes it perfect for the escapist inside you.

rani roadAt about a 14 minutes car drive you will reach Badi lake, another serene artificial lake. Made for the purpose of resolving famine crisis, it now serves as a captivating picnic spot.

badi lake
Lake Badi

5. Monsoon Palace

So here comes the star of all the itineraries. Also known as Sajjangarh, the palace was built on the hilltop overlooking the beautiful lakes, palaces with an array of mountains draped by ludic clouds. And we vouch that it will surely give you “AAJ MAIN UPARASMAAN NICHE” feels. Not only the palace is overwhelming but the meandering roads steering towards the palace are equally tranquillizing. The palace also has preserved cannons and informative snippets about flora and fauna. The hue of this place is truly majestic to wind up your journey in the city.

Nearby Places to eat– Café Nirvana, situated opposite to the Wax museum Udaipur is one of the most soothing places to eat continental food mocktails. The café got its name from the album “Nirvana” of Guns N’ Roses and also has a very friendly dog named Slash.

cafe nirvana
Cafe Nirvana

But the story doesn’t end here if you are more than just a tourist- an explorer. The city has much more to offer and approaches towards the uncharted faces of the horizon on the outskirts.To enumerate the places, here are some of them-

Haldighati and Kumbhalgarh (Trowel the history fanatic in you)

Haldighati is 53 minutes away from Udaipur. It is the famous battleground where the war between Maharana Pratap and Mughal empire was fought. The place has a miniature model of Haldighati displaying the terrain which explains the strategical move of choosing this place as THE battle ground. Named after its turmeric coloured soil, it houses a cenotaph of Chetak (horse) with history decoded on walls as paintings. At a distance of 51 kms away stands the most important Fort after Chittaurgarh fort, Kumbhalgarh.

haldighati Kumbhalgarh was built by Rana Kumbha and is the birth place of Maharana Pratap, the great warrior king of Mewar. It has well-preserved residential areas and temples with BADAL MAHAL being the highlight. It has the second longest continuous wall after” The Great wall of China” and was declared as a World Heritage site in 2013.

Eklingji, Chirva Ghata and Lake Bagela
An excellent blend of spirituality and flawless architecture, the temple complex is situated 18 km from the city and has 108 small temples in it. Chief deity being Lord Shiva, a 50ft high five faced black marble lingam is enshrined in the sanctum sanctorum of the main temple.

Eklingji Temple Complex

Lake Bagela is situated behind the Eklingji temple complex, embanked by small temples and hills, and atop awaits an amazing view which is just a trek away.
( The drive to Eklingji temple goes through a small tunnel, so you can live the moment of “THE TUNNEL SONG” from Perks of being a wallflower)

lake baghela
Lake Bagela

Pipliya ji, Kundeshwarj, Ubeshwarji, Nandeshwarji, Bageri ka naka, Tidi dam.
If “Rim jhim gire sawan” made you realize “Zindagi na milegi dobara”, then catch up with your friends or family, plan a drive to enjoy a barbeque and make a satchel of memories in these beautiful places.

bagheri ka naka
Bageri ka Naka

Baghdada Nature Park, Mewar Biodiversity Park
Apart from being a nature digger, if you are new to adventure curiosity and want to give it a try, then these parks are the place for you.

So, friends, this was all about Udaipur that WE have explored but still, there are many untold stories that demand to be lived and experienced, which are more than a mere read. Following the Rajasthani gesture of ‘Manwar’, every bit of this place echoes with tales and folklores and welcomes you with open arms.

In the Oysters of Hills
Resides this WHITE PEARL
With nature’s canopy and chivalric glories
Corridors full of history
Triggering anemoia
Arms of Vale
Steering towards metanoia
This place too holds countless stories.
So, to enlace your soul in solace
“Padharo Mhare Des”
And take away with you
A bag full of sweet memories.

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