Voyage of Apple Inc. from iPhone 2G to iPhone X

“12th September 2017, Tim Cook revealed iPhone X and ten years before Steve Jobs revealed iPhone 2G. Things changed, time changed, so did technology. How this transition came in? How Apple Inc. turned from size of Apple to a massive tech giant? Let’s find out…”

In 1976, a guy, who was born to parents who put him up for adoption, who was a drop out from Reed’s College, set up a company. The company was Apple Inc. and the man was Steve Jobs. Little did anyone knew back then, how big this company would be. From development of a phenomenal Operating System to excellent hardware, Apple has done it all. Their numbers speak more louder about them. The brand value of Apple Inc. is 234.7 billion USD. They have sold about 28 million copies of their Operating System and 72 million copies of their Mac devices till date.

The man behind these numbers i.e. Steve Jobs once mentioned at Stanford University that what matters in life is connecting the dots. This thinking actually made the Apple Inc. of its size and stature that it has today.

How Apple grew?

Many say Apple’s growth just happened by a matter of chance and its not even worth it. While facts state something different, and what they state is actually true.

iPhone 2G

Apple always developed innovative technology, instead of following the trend, they defined the trend. For instance, since 2007, year on year, they continued to innovate and designing things in absolutely new way. It was Apple Inc. which actually introduced the concept of multiple touch screen in mobile devices. This innovation has led Apple Inc. to the place where it is today.

What Apple has for you this year?

After the sad demise of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. is following his legacy. The Keynote event held on 12th September 2017 unveiled iPhone X. There are so many cool things about it that they can’t even be expressed in this post. It has an independent artificially intelligent hardware to perform Face Recognition, unlike most of the systems where Face Recognition is done over an online system.

iPhone X, unveiled in 2017

Face Recognition system uses a dot projector which is a light beam of 30,000 dots which are thrown over your face to create an image of it. So, even if a person wears spectacles, grow a beard, wears a hat, your iPhone will certainly recognize you.

Another wow feature is Animoji or the Animated Emoji. It recognizes the expressions on your face and gives it to emoji to give it a more closer to life experience.

Putting it all together

Apple Inc. has since its inception continued to make innovative and closer to life products. Be it the iPhone 2G or iPhone X, it always turned to be a massive breakthrough in the industry. This comes not just by working hard but by believing in what you do and continuous innovation.

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