What does each zodiac sign talks most about?

Communication is a very important part of any relationship; be it with friends or with family.

Humans love talking. When they talk to each other, they feel more connected. But it’s important to know what are you gonna hear if you’re going to start a friendly conversation. Will it be an amicable hello or a rude reply, you never know!

 Everybody has kind of friends who brag a lot. I mean, there is no harm in listening to a friend bloat about what he/she just accomplished. In fact, I feel happy about it because they feel that even I am worthy of joining them in their celebration and excitement of their achievement.

We also have friends who are pessimistic all the time and every time you listen to them, you get a feeling of all your positive energy draining away. Warning: stay away!

But the world is a better place than you think and yes, optimistic people exist everywhere. You just need to activate the search engine and search for those gems. They are filled with positivism and you feel good to hang out with them.

If I start listing out people and what they talk about, it simply wouldn’t end so here’s a list of zodiac signs and what they mostly talk about.


Aries have a thirst for competitions so they always talk about their wins and achievements all the time.

They brag a lot. I repeat. A lot.

Of course, they would. There are a lot of reasons for her to brag about. If she wins a competition, get ready to attend a big party which she is gonna throw so that she could celebrate her achievement with her loved ones ( friends mostly)

They are self-conscious so they like to talk about themselves a lot. If you discuss with them about your future, the only suggestion coming your way will be about their plans in future. Did you think you’re gonna discuss your future? Nah. It’s always about them.


One word: self-absorbed.

They will focus on their feelings first and then think about others. And note: they always have an opinion, No matters if it’s a life-death situation for them.

When having a conversation, they can quickly go from philosophy to science and from insane impracticality to securely practical stuff. They do it so quickly, that they don’t even give you time to think.

And do they regret sharing what they think? Not at all.

They might come across as rude and dismissive of other’s feelings but they make their own rules and that’s how it is for them


You want to know the latest gossip in your college or neighbourhood? Find a Gemini near you and you will get your facts about any exciting incident straight.

They might not always have an opinion but they will always be familiar with Whats going around them.

They are the epitome of conversational hierarchy.

Don’t panic if they jump topics when they are talking. They are simply too excited and often leave people confused.


Cancers are always ready to listen.

Need a good adviser? You have come to the right person. But beware because they are “The Gossipers” They love to know Whats happening in the lives of people around them.

As they are more relationship oriented, you can often hear them talking about the philosophy of relationships.


Always tell a Leo that they are doing a good job in for an effective communication. They are suckers for that.

Being the greatest attention seekers, they don’t think if they are on the right side of the argument. They just need the spotlight.


Popularly known as “critics”, we often find them always pointing out mistakes in themselves as well as in people around them

It’s not their fault. They believe in perfectionism. And they do what they do to attain that.


“The Fighters” who don’t leave their side of an argument until they think that the justice has been done on their part. But sometimes, they don’t even know if they are on the right path.

They have forgiven but forget kinda attitude. They don’t hold grudges against anyone and that is special about them. They won’t believe anything you say unless you give them proof so be ready for a good argument and convince them otherwise.



Up for a small talk? A wrong person if you think a scorpion is a good choice.

They despise small talk. They love to talk about intellect, art, technology, psychology, a culture that is if they like to talk at all.



Honest, and to the point conversations, all in one conversation are only possible with them and nobody else. Sagittarius will happily chatter for hours about their favourite stuff, hobbies or anything you can possibly think about.

Sagittarius makes a great teacher, gives you advice now and then even if you don’t need them to.



Who says you have to talk to get your thoughts communicated to people? You can write.

The pen is mightier. And they believe In that.

Yes. They can indulge in talking but they mostly prefer it when kits productive enough.



Those annoying people (to me at least) who are always up for giving speeches of nationalism and Whats right and Whats wrong are mostly Aquarius. They’re often found up on a podium, rallying the crowd to pay attention to some major world problem.

They simply can’t avoid conversations and they have an urge to give speeches on every damn topic.



Pisces can go on and on about how they feel about something if given an opportunity to do so. And maybe tell you about yours too.

They think the world would be a better place if everybody would be able to communicate without saying anything but unfortunately we humans haven’t been blessed with that power yet. Sigh.

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