How to tackle your Woman?

by Sargam Palod

Happy women’s day! Every woman is special and there are no two women who are alike in this world. However, doing categorization is sometimes useful (and fun) if you’re trying to decipher her, what is she like? what will she LIKE? And when you’re extremely stuck in the depths of an ocean on how to make her happy? Here are some of the best choices on what to gift and make her upload captioned “a day well spent”!


The one prefers a single color for all her accessories from her phone case to handbag (preferably pink). Clapped, screamed and cried when Ross and Rachel finally kissed. Loves shopping, dresses in designer clothes and likes to dictate every other person’s style. She wants to be treated like a lady and has high expectations. Generally, she’s friendly and charming but always craves for something better.

Advice: Buy her something that will add to her wardrobe collection. Preferably something expensive like a handbag, a little black dress or a perfume.


She’s naturally caring, selfless, organized and can cook absolutely anything. She imbibes wisdom beyond her age. An absolutely old soul trapped in a younger body, having a sense of maturity years before she actually needs it. She’s foresighted and plans her life early on. She is quite conservative and handles every crisis guided by her ethics and values. She’s the best combination of mature and sensitive. To say the least, total wife material.

Advice: You can gift a puppy, a fish or a cat (if she likes). She’s likely to be happy that you have put some efforts, so bake something for her; brownie or cookies, anything works!


She’s ingeniously practical, reliable and responsible. She will go to great lengths to do what is necessary, but when something seems pointless, she’ll fuss about it and retreat. She’s the Alpha female – highly competitive and a multi-tasker. She wants to do everything at once. Time is money and her time should never be wasted in menial activities. When she’s stressed or freaked out, she will imagine the worst case scenarios.

Advice: Gift a wallet or a wristwatch with a sweet, handwritten note that reminds her to calm down, relax and go easy on herself.


She is opinionated, independent, hardworking, a know-it-all and spends her free time reading novels. She’s not a good listener and might easily get bored if you don’t have something authentic to say to her. She doesn’t care much about her own appearance as she’s pre-occupied with her to-do list. She’s usually kind, but her studies come first. She’s decent, well-mannered, introvert and it’s is hard to gain her trust.

Advice: Gain her trust by making her feel comfortable and taking things slow. Perhaps giving a book or some tempting tech accessory.

She is the cool one and can beat you at any sport. She makes no effort whatsoever at female bonding; has more guy friends and can easily carry a guy over her shoulders. You’ll probably find her playing volleyball at the beach, dancing to trending songs or stuck in some extremely bad situations just to help someone. She likes to travel, has a good sense of humor and never hesitates in getting her hands dirty or trying new adventures.

Advice: She is quite hard to please with sweet gestures; ergo you need to awaken your deepest creativity in order to amaze her. Take her to a bike ride, sing a medley, or plan a scavenger hunt.


This under confident girl has tons of talents. She is attractive but doesn’t believe so. She over analyzes every situation and believes that she will never get what she wishes for and is always afraid to take a step. She is sensitive, especially with issues surrounding failure. Though she’s honest and a very good listener, she always finds it very difficult to take compliments.

Advice: Anything you do just multiply it by at least three times with what you may have done normally coz she’s someone who needs continuous reassurance and positivity. Planning a lunch date, umm not enough! Spend the whole day.


She can easily interact with people and will not hesitate to pour her heart out in front of anyone once she’s comfortable. She uses her hands and eyes to be more expressive and taking those cues you know that she’s speaking what she’s actually thinking.  Occasionally she makes mistakes, but she has a way to apologize and the courage to say that she’s wrong. She is a keeper. She is attractive, funny, kind and life of the party.

Advice: Take her on long drives with slow music or bring her chocolates or too many flowers to see the smile coming.


She wants to know (or knows) everything about you – from what you eat for breakfast, to whose post you liked on social media. She keeps track of your activity 24*7 and gets jealous pretty easily. She’s clingy at times and dependent. But you can always rely on her as she’ll be there to help you even at 3 am. She tries to fulfill everyone’s expectations but is too sensitive to share you with any other person even for the slightest bit.

Advice: She demands nothing more than your time and presence. Gift her something that reminds her of you. A jar full of handwritten notes or take her to a fun fair to show her a good time.

PS – Dedicated to all my awesome girls. Sakshi, Avni, Mitanshi, Sumati, Anshika, Surmai, Kanika di, Payal. You are amazing and this one’s for people surrounding you on how to treat you like a queen!

PPS – You may also suggest some of your categories if you don’t fit in any of them and yes, some improved gift ideas!

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