Women Scientists Scheme (WOS)

Women Scientists Scheme (WOS)

The lesser number of women in science has been a matter of concern for the society. There are lots of reasons due to which women are unable to join science but a much bigger problem is when they have to leave their career due to family issues. The Women Scientists Scheme (WOS) was launched by Department of Science and Technology (DST) to facilitate women who had to take a break from their career due to several reasons.

WOS encourages women to pursue research in areas of science and engineering, on problems of societal relevance and to take up S&T-based internship followed by Self-Employment.

The scheme is aimed to encourage women in S&T domain preferably those having a break in career and not having regular employment and to explore re-entry into the profession.

There are three categories of the fellowship:

Women Scientists Scheme – A (WOS-A): Research in Basic and applied science.

Women Scientists Scheme – B (WOS-B): S&T interventions for Societal Benefit

Women Scientists Scheme – C (WOS-C): Internship in Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) for the Self Employment.

The scheme will provide a research grant for a project proposal under WOS-A&B, for a period of maximum three years.


Minimum Post Graduate degree, equivalent to M.Sc. in Basic or Applied Sciences or B.Tech. or MBBS or other equivalent professional qualifications

M.Phil/M.Tech/M.Pharm/M.VSc or equivalent qualifications

Ph.D. in Basic or Applied Sciences

For more details visit : http://dst.gov.in/scientific-programmes/scientific-engineering-research/women-scientists-programs


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