Ever wonder why we are studying these boring equations, that untidy machine, those confusing diagrams? Does it match the industry needs? If, Yes, kindly proceed to the magical world of WAIN. Where we connect you with industry experts to juggle our knowledge. So, excited to meet the future?

“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.”

Innovation leads to the economic development of the country. Nowadays, companies spend billions in the innovation, to cope up with the ever-growing human needs. It increases the feasibility and scalability of products. But, they also brought certain challenges, especially in the field of collaboration.

But you don’t have to worry. As WAIN is there!

With Worldwide Academia-Industry Network (WAIN), you can achieve whatever you want. WAIN brings together all the innovators, scholars from different fields to create a fertile innovation ecosystem. Here’s what they have in their pocket:

  • Fundamental / Open research in Institutions – General Areas.
  • Corporate Sponsored Research in Institutions / Collaborative Research – Specific Areas.
  • Corporate-funded Research Fellowships for bright students.
  • Talent sourcing – Selection and Training of right students.
  • Knowledge / Skill sharing between Academia and Industry.
  • Corporate sponsored Labs / Centres of Excellence in Institutions.
  • Branding through various media-properties such as Young India Challenge, Ambassador Program, Hackathons, Melting Pot Innovation Summit, Young India Fellowships etc.

On one hand, institutes comprise of the sharp-minded youth and on other hand industries have their own expertise. They act as a bridge between the academic institutes and the industries to work together in a single hood as to enhance their productivity. Starting from incubating to funding they have all sorts of support packed inside the box. If you have an idea, come, meet their experts, and take a step forward to become a world leader.


Keep thinking because the God knows what you have sealed in our brain