Avicii: Cause of death, love for fans, facts, memories and more…

The Swedish DJ who made you tap your feet on Wake Me Up, Levels, and recently, Lonely Together with Rita Ora and probably taught you that you should surely live a life you’ll remember through his song The Nights died on 20 April 2018. No cause of death is yet announced. Avicii’s representative refused to issue any statement regarding the cause of death of Avicii and have asked to respect the privacy of the family in this difficult time.

From Calvin Harris to Madonna, everyone tweeted with regard to the loss of Avicii. Apart from this, US band Imagine Dragons also tweeted: “Working with him was one of my favourite collaborative moments. Far too young. The world was a happier and fuller place with his presence and art.”

The EDM Star had some health issues in the past due to which he had his gall bladder and appendix removed in the year 2014. Avicii also announced his retirement from the touring in 2016 when he was just 26 years old. You may love listening to Avicii but do you know certain facts about him?

Here we are with a list of few facts about Avicii that you may not know:

1. What was the name that his parents gave to him?

Definitely not Avicii but his real name was Tim Bergling. He took his stage name as Avicii because his friend told him that ‘Avici’ is the lowest level of the Buddhist hell. But what added an extra ‘i’ to it was Myspace, since they already took Avici and so Tim added an extra ‘i’ making it Avicii.

2. This one is for all the Coldplay fans!

You’ll be surprised to know that probably the best of Coldplay songs: Hymn for the weekend and A Sky full of stars were co-produced by Avicii. He is also the co-writer of A sky full of stars. Next time you listen to these songs, do not just appreciate Coldplay but Avicii too.

3. Avicii’s love for his fans was quite explicit.

After his Facebook fanpage reached two million and three million respectively, he realized his songs, Two Million and Three million Song.

4. So you think that Avicii was the only celebrity from his family?

You are wrong. Avicii’s mother Anki Lidén is a famous Swedish actress who appeared in more than 50 movies and TV shows since 1971. Avicii loved his parents a lot. He frequently posted pictures with his mom on Instagram and presented his love for his father through the song The Nights.

5. Brights and Highs of Career

Avicii was ranked 3rd on DJ Magazine ’s annual Top 100 DJs in 2012 and 2013 and has been nominated twice for a Grammy Award, once for his work on “Sunshine” with David Guetta in 2012 and once for his song “Levels” in 2013.

Avicii gained immortality through his songs and so will be remembered forever. Though the cause of death will soon be unveiled but we not just lost an EDM Star but a person whose songs inspired the lives of many.

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