Being vegan – not a cup of ‘green’ tea

From last few decades, humans are trying to get to grips with more sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle which has hatched, cradled and shaped the ideas of reducing carbon footprints, waste management, minimalism, advocating animal rights, etc. In the same league, ethics and morals filter is now applicable to the key ingredients of our diet.

Vegan- a term coined by Donald Watson back in 1944. He supports the philosophy of non-exploitative approach towards animals and basically rejects the idea of viewing animals as commodities. In terms of diet as well as in other spheres of life.

Now if that was too ‘Chaturish,’ then let me put it in simple words- a vegan diet is devoid of animal-derived products which include all types of meat, dairy products, and eggs. Sounds like an eggless cakewalk? Let’s have a look at some rate-determining steps in this venture

  • Nutrition

A plant-based diet is surely rich in a lot of macro and micro-nutrients as well as antioxidants. But certain vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, etc. are not supplied in sufficient amount by regularly consumed portions. It’s necessary to ensure appropriate intake of all micronutrients. This can be done by including a variety of fruits and veggies in a proper amount, looking for fortified food options and dietary supplements.



  • Self-education

Internet is the most sought-after source of information for educating oneself about veganism and its ways. But credible scientific studies are still insufficient. The speculated long-term pros and cons of such diet shift need backing by comparative research. For now, instead of being apprehensive just focus on the well-being of your body and it goes without saying that contact your doctor in case you observe any health problem(s) after switching your diet.

  • DIY diet plans

Are you too preoccupied with the notion of vegan food being boring? No, it’s not, and the key to rejuvenating your taste buds lies in experimentation and reinventing the dishes in a vegan way. There are vegan replacements for regular dairy milk – soya milk, almond milk; cheese – nut cheeses, tofu ricotta; and meat substitutes. Make your own diet plan according to your preferences, health status, work profile. Try to manage your calorie intake in consideration with your body type because blindly following any diet plan will do no good in the long run. So grab your chef hat and get ready for some rock n’ roll with refreshing vegan dishes.

  • Hanging out with non-vegan friends must not be an issue, right?

Maybe it’s not but planning an outing with non-vegan friends can be cumbersome because only a few eateries and food joints have some good vegan options. And trust me being the one who decides THE PLACE is too much burden especially on introvert shoulders like me (if you happen to be one too). In case you have a bunch of vegan pals, invite them to your place, cook and eat together, share your improvisations of dishes. Enjoy some good time with healthy and good food.



  • Perseverance

Ok, it’s time for THE PEP TALK. First of all, one needs to be clear about WHY TO BE VEGAN? before going gaga over the ‘instagood’ food. Do your research and take your time to make a smooth transition to new food habits. Go for healthy and fresh local organic produce. Try to prepare your own meals so that you know what is going into your food. Overnight changes are neither possible nor appreciable as the body needs some time to adjust too. Be patient and stick to your reasons (which may be ethical or health-related) behind the change and eventually YOU WILL BE THE CHANGE.

Making significant lifestyle changes in the wake of raising animal abuse and increasing health issues, resulting due to the employment of harmful methods for obtaining animal products is a small, but essential step towards making of a cleaner animal-friendly planet. Where animal rights are taken care of aptly.

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