Breaking the Taboo

Breaking the Taboo

This wedding season, a study by an adult gifting site called states that since just June 2017, their sales have gone up to 57%. Couples have broken the taboo and started buying and gifting each other these secret gifts like lingerie, costumes, handcuffs, beads and leather harnesses.

The biggest concern for Indians (besides cultural taboo) regarding pleasure toys and its legality. Section 292 of the Indian Penal Code prevents the sale of any material or product that is ‘obscene’ in nature in India. The adult e-commerce websites sell all pleasure toys and ‘other ‘things that do not resemble genitals such that it doesn’t get tagged as obscene. Meanwhile scrapping section 377 that bans ‘unnatural sex’ makes it legal with proper licensing and regulations.

The study conducted by documents that Maharashtra have most of the customers who demand sex products following by Karnataka, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu and rest.

Vinesh Kumar Kunhiraman, Chief Marketing Officer, That’, said,” Sex is something very natural and a part of nature. But people still believe it as a taboo and such new startups actually help to break it and it rules out and brings a new branch of marketing to India; sex industry.”

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“Our top sales were hit when fifty shades collection was off charts and there was a hike seen in the orders. A survey was conducted where results itself showed that there is a 50 per cent increase in the clearance sales as well. We have always worked towards breaking the taboo of society. That Personal’s vision is to help Indians embrace and celebrate their sexualities in a clean, confident and fun manner. It is with this goal that we are trying to help and educate our customers on our website, through different customer interaction channels of which few are covered above, through our research report. Today, a lot of couples discuss freely their bedroom concerns, they talk about their fantasies and look out for product recommendations. This is very much possible due to the online medium we operate in,” he added.

That’s Personal has delivered its products to over 1,123 cities and towns across India. It is to be noted that most orders are placed by men which 62 per cent and women buyers are 38 per cent. Bengaluru ranks third in top city sales. It is also interesting to know that Baroda, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram have more women buyers than men.

I gifted my best friend a pleasure toy kit with flavours on her bachelorette party before her wedding. But, buying such products in India is itself a daring task because you have to keep it discrete.  Even when delivery takes place, it is being considered something embarrassing. It is mere sex education and yes, now that such websites are coming up it is easy to trust as they are licensed.” said, Rahul, an adult customer of the e-commerce website.”

“Sex is natural but to speak about it is considered bad and unnatural. This need to be stopped and young adults should be given sex education so that they know about safe sex and they don’t fall prey for rapes and other heinous crimes. People who can satisfy pleasure using these products won’t have the urge to destroy someone. This can be said as a good step to break taboo and maybe a better way to control one’s sexual emotions.” said, Lohit, Sexologist, Bengaluru


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