Brights and Highs of the States

The United States of America, a political superpower of the world. Also, a place of desire by tourists. Now, the chances are that if you’re reading this, you are from India, a place with a lot of people, and not as much space. Let’s put things into perspective here: USA is almost 5 times the size of India and has approximately 5 times lesser population. Too much space, not many people.

United States of America

The photo you see above has been taken at 7 in the morning in Phoenix, Arizona. This quietness and peace are very common in the country. There aren’t many people you’ll see here. There are obviously certain exceptions like New York City or Las Vegas, but not many in comparison to the size of the country.

Here are some places you should definitely visit when you’re in the states. They are not just the conventional attractions you’re used to hearing about.

1. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most famous canyon in the world. People often think it’s the biggest, its name is quite misleading, but it’s not the biggest. The Grand Canyon gives one a feeling of well, grandeur and being infinitesimal all at the same time; such is its beauty. Now, most people go there for social desirability, the clicking of selfies on this stupendous piece of history and bragging about it on social media gives them an unexplainable satisfaction. There are a very few who would actually be in the moment and live this place in and out. Experience it the way it’s supposed to be.

States - The Grand Canyon

If you are to visit this place, make sure you take no more than 15 minutes to click all your pictures. Spend most of the time living the place; realising how small you really are in comparison to nature; the depth you’ll see in the canyon is the depth all of us have inside of us, discover it and share it with the world. One trip to this place can be life-changing for many. Lastly, please don’t fall off, it’s a one-way trip I assure you.

2. The San Francisco Trams

States - The San Francisco Trams

The San Francisco Trams are really fun, to say the least. The tracks run directly over the roads and are distinguished by a red outline. There are various ways you can enjoy a tram journey. You can sit peacefully in a seat reading a book or listening to music till your destination arrives. You can take a window seat and enjoy the wind hitting your face while sipping coffee. The last way is to stand near the doors and enjoy the wind gushing in all the while enjoying a wide-angle view and waving to the people outside. Either of the ways, you are sure to have fun. Even if you don’t want to travel anywhere by tram, they are fun just for a ride as well. Riding one of these during the winters is a special treat as they are warm from the inside and it sure is a relief to take off a layer or two.

Be sure to check out the Lombard street when you’re in San Francisco.

3. The Dollar Store

States - The Dollar Store

This is one of the most famous stores in the states. It has a ton of things, all under a dollar. This photo, specifically, is from its earphones section. All the earphones you see up there, no matter which one, which type, what color, they are all for a dollar or less. There are many other things you can find here like stationary, some types of toys, household items, items of daily use like toothbrushes, etc. Do pay a visit to one of these at least once.

4. The Empire State Building’s Inside

Everyone is aware of the fact that the Empire State looks magnificent and Majestic from the outside, and extra pretty in the dark, but the building itself is also really nice from the inside. Fun fact: To get to the main observation deck, you have to use two elevators. When this building was being made, an elevator could go to a maximum of 80 something floors, so they had to make two lifts to go above that. Before you enter the second elevator, there is a small room which shows and tells you about the building’s history. It also shows you how the Empire State was going to be designed earlier.

States - The Empire State Building’s Inside

This particular photo is from the ground floor of the Empire State. It serves as a perfect spot for clicking pictures, make sure you take many here, in many poses. It is a 2D structure which looks like a 3D one in photos.

5. The Pacific Ocean

States - The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is on the west coast of USA. It is widely known as the biggest Ocean, and it is magnificent for sure. Be sure to pay it a visit when you visit the States. It has an uncommon serenity to it, and the ocean air’s fresh smell is pleasing. The beaches aren’t filled with many people, and you get a great sense of freedom and liberty as you stand looking over to the horizon.

6. The Red Steps of Times Square

States - The Red Steps of Times Square

Legend has it that if you stand on the Times Square of New York for 15 minutes, then you will see someone you know or someone who looks like someone you know.

The red steps on the Times Square are one of my favourite things about NYC. Sitting there and watching hundreds of lives happen around you is breath-taking. All those people, each with a different story, all of them together in one place, each with a separate walk of life. The red steps are nothing but a place to sit, and there’s not one minute in the day that you will find them empty, devoid of life, free of people. They are always filled with people taking photos or quietly sitting and watching lives go by.

There are many more places, so be on the lookout for a part 2.




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  1. Beautiful description …one can very well imagine the place ….i cud actually visualise myself sitting in the tram nd feeling the cool wind on my face……..looking forward for more such articles…great work



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