Do you know these female CEOs of big companies?

Do you know these female CEOs of big companies?

We’ve all been the witness of questions like where do girls go after getting highest grades or being the topper of their classes when most of the CEOs of tech industries are males? Everyone knows Elon Musk but can you name any of the female CEO of any big company? I know that you’ll have to google and find out the answer. Stop! Don’t go there because here is the answer to this question.

Meet the most powerful female CEOs of the tech world.

CEO of YouTube – Susan Wojcicki 

The super competent lady in tech business Susan Wojcicki aka Susan Diane Wojcicki, currently occupying 41st rank on the FORBES list of America’s self-made women is all the inspiration we need to get in one life. From going all hand in hand with Google since the beginning to taking the charge of driver’s seat at YouTube as CEO in Feb 2014, the mother of five Wojcicki has shown the world that she’s nothing but a proven leader. Wojcicki was also ranked 6th on Forbes list of most powerful woman 2017. Her current net worth earning is $410 million.

Susan Wojcicki (Credits:

CEO of IBM – Ginni Rometty 

What can we say about the power woman Ginni Rometty? Watching her single mom’s struggle to support her and her family was definitely one of the inspiration which led her towards the never-ending success in the business world. Ginni Rometty is currently possessing the position of chair, president, and CEO of U.S tech company ‘IBM’ and taking home the salary of $32.7 million. She was also the 1st female head of the company. Our 61 years old Ginni Rometty has proved that age is just a number by recently getting her name on the list of TIME’s 6th most important people in tech 2018. She was also very consistent in the top 10 list of Fortune’s 50 most powerful women in business since 2010.

Ginni Rometty (credits:

CO-CEO of Oracle – Safra Catz 

Safra Ada Catz is not just a name but a personality we all need to look up to. She paved her way from holding numerous investment banking positions to being an Oracle corporation’s executive in 1999. It was 2010 when Mark Hurd asked her to join him as company’s co-president and was further announced the co-CEO of Oracle in sept 2014. She was named the 12th most powerful woman in business by fortune in 2009 and hit the list again in 2016. With many credits and titles on her side, Catz maintained the net worth of $510 million and is the highest paid female CEO of any US company as of 2017.

Safra Catz (credits:

Former CEO of Yahoo – Marissa Mayer 

Marissa Mayer is famous for formerly serving the CEO’s position at Yahoo from 2012-2017. Before joining google’s one of the toughest competent yahoo, Marissa used to work with Google as vice president of search products and use experience. She joined Google in 1999 as the company’s first female software engineer. Mayer is also thanked for her playing of the most important role in many of the Google programs like Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, free serving email-Gmail etc. Yahoo’s 3rd CEO Marissa Mayer was also listed as the youngest woman CEO in the Fortune 500 companies.

Marissa Mayer (credits:

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