Energy Security: Need versus Greed

Energy Security: Need versus Greed

Afflatus is going to start a series on the very topic we are too quick to spread our activism on but don’t have much awareness in particular, i.e. Environment. The theme will be ‘Energy and Climate’.

Credit: SUSU (Russia)

Every now and then, we see people flooding Quora with these doubts, “How can we protect our environment? What we can do to reduce pollution in our city? We too want to adopt eco-friendly lifestyle, but we don’t know the way forward, the best practices.” I am going to answer some of them, and will give you insights on how some people are working hard day-and-night to make your planet Earth as green as it should be.

Whenever we talk about geopolitics, we know there are few agenda of nations, which lead to conflicts and tense relations on a global scale. Few of these are ‘Inland Water treaties’, ‘Food Security’, ‘conservation of flora and fauna’ and the ‘Energy security’. What we do not know is that there’s one common factor which drives each of these agenda. The scientific phenomenon ‘Climate Change’ is the driver here, a substitute for awareness in the 21st century. The more you know of its scientific basis, the more you are astounded at the potential impacts on nature of these half a dozen gases. We won’t move into deep physics or chemistry of these because then, the article would lose its appeal and outreach.

PM Modi was presented with the United Nation’s ‘Champions Of The Earth’ Award
along with French President Emmanuel Macron for their work in the betterment of Environmental cooperation. Credit: The Live Mirror

We will make you familiarize with Climate Change in our next article, also the reason why we need to be aware of it. But, it will be beneficial to understand Energy Sector Disruption first.

Have you ever thought that you can generate electricity, and give it back to the Discom (power distribution company)?  Not just that! All you will be paying for is the generator and storage equipment, and there you go. Now you are generating free electricity for your home. Those of you who have no idea about this, would have this as personal experience by 2022 (State Governments and Central Governments don’t align on ideas, hence the delays).

You must be wondering “Why government would want us to be energy independent?” The answer is simple. When you are self-sufficient in energy (particularly electricity) terms, you are releasing the burden from the government. It doesn’t need to mine this much coal, or explore more mines, to generate the electricity in such large amounts. It doesn’t have to procure the power units for complying with the demand of ever-increasing megacities. It won’t be importing crude oil and its derivatives (petroleum, diesel, kerosene, etc.) to fuel your vehicles. Your 2-wheelers and 4-wheelers would be running on the electricity you’ve produced. The imports of these fuels, the logistic costs, the storage, the transportation of these to your neighbourhood is nothing but a burden your government wants to get rid of. The economy thus saved can be utilized for sustainable development actions (we’ll discuss this as well).

An example of energy-independent smart house. Credit: Osaka Gas

There is a cartel of some crude oil generators, some distributors, & some middle men, and they don’t want your government to get ahead with this idea.

What is your role here? If there’s any government scheme (use the internet and search) which provides you incentives for installation of rooftop solar generators, you must grab it, suiting your consumption pattern. The best part is, the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) is providing a free consultation at various levels, and you can contact them at any stage if this interests you. They will explain to you the whole scheme, the benefits, the most suitable equipment setup (includes the PV generator arrays, the compatible inverter and batteries, and supporting auxiliaries).

If it is not there in your state, there’s no need to get upset. There are many other alternatives we have. All we need is an intent, and intent comes with awareness.

In the next episode, we’ll discuss why we need Energy Security, why it is important at an individual level, and how it is linked with Climate Change.

So, stay tuned and keep visiting this space every Monday.

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Ajay Dixit

Ajay is currently working as consultant at Climate Connect Technologies Limited. He is an M.Sc in Environmental Sciences. An avid practitioner of Eco-friendly lifestyle himself, he likes to advocate same to the masses


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