Four YA fictions that you should definitely add in your reading list

Four YA fictions that you should definitely add in your reading list

One of the most famous genres of books in today’s age is YA fiction, i.e. Young Adult fiction. This genre mainly focuses on the teen lives, which are widely considered an eventful phase of anyone’s life. One of the most common themes in these novels is romance, which again is a hot topic in any teen’s life. What’s your teenage love story? Think about it and I am sure you’ll laugh.

Okay! But apart from this, all of you must’ve heard the common YA books like hunger games, divergent, the fault in our stars, etc. So I’ll try to avoid those and tell you some of the less famous books, but amazing nevertheless. Go through these and add them to your reading list.

We were liars

This book by E.Lockhart has a very different concept. This book is revolving around a girl named Cadence who comes from a rather rich family. The books tell you about various incidents in her life, but you are confused at each step because you don’t know what the truth is. Then you near the end of the book and you think how everything makes sense when suddenly it takes the ground from beneath your feet.

We Were Liars (Credits: The Forum)

 Everything, everything

This book by Nicola Yoon is comparatively famous but quite undiscovered. It’s about a girl, Maddy, who is allergic to the world. She is seventeen and has never been out of her house. Her life has been lived in a bubble. One day, a boy moves next door who is rather determined to meet her. She finds him intriguing as well. You will see how they take crazy risks for love.

Everything Everything (Credits:

A thousand pieces of you (Trilogy)

A book by Claudia Gray. Revolving around Marguerite Caine who is the daughter of two amazing scientists who has invented a way to travel between dimensions. One day, she finds that her father has died, and all the suspicions point to her parent’s student Paul, who has escaped to another dimension, with committing the perfect crime.

A Thousand Pieces of You (Credits:

All the bright places

This story, revolving around two characters, finch and violet, both who are suicidal gives wonderful insights to life. The book is written from both perspectives which gives it a different flair. A very unique and unparalleled love story, astonishing at every turn.



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